Best Ab Rollers in 2022

The six-packs are not for soda and beer only, they are for your body as well. You can help develop your stomach muscles and get on your way to a 6 pack by using one of the top 15 best ab rollers in 2022. These ab rollers provide you with an interesting way to develop those muscles. One thing is for sure, the ab rollers are more fun to do than sit-ups or crunches.

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15. Limm Ab Wheel Roller

15,Limm Ab Wheel Roller for Advanced Abdominal Core Exercises and General Fitness - Includes Soft Knee Pad, Storage Bag and Instructions Manual

This is an exercise tool that is for more advanced exercisers. It comes with a knee pad to protect your knees and can tone and strengthen a variety of muscles including your core.

Also, you do not have to work as hard using this device. This ab roller cuts down belly fat, develops muscles all without making you too tired to enjoy the day. Ts non-slip rubber wheels make sure you are nice and safe throughout your ab roller workout.

Plus, it is made to handle intense workouts that produce better results. Its lightweight and portable size allow you to get some exercise in as you travel. Get in shape and tone your body in the privacy of your home or hotel room.

14. GYMENIST Abdominal Exercise Ab Wheel Roller

14,Abdominal Exercise Ab Wheel Roller with Foam Handles, Great Grip, Double Wheels, Top Professional Quality (Red)

Padded handles and dual wheels help make your use of this ab roller easy and comfortable. You do not have to strain yourself or hurt your back when you turn to this exercise tool to tone your body.

The soft foam on the handles helps you develop core muscles as well as those muscles on your arms, back, and shoulders. It is a simple exercise tool for those people who do not want to do a lot of hard exercises to look great.

Then the tread on the wheels provides the traction you need to have a safe and injury-free workout. You can exercise with confidence knowing you are perfectly safe. Exercise does not have to be difficult to get top results.

13. REEHUT Ab Wheels

13,REEHUT Ab Wheels, Abs Roller Wheel for Core Exercise with Dual Wheels and Comfy Foam Handles - Easy Assembly, Great for Abdominal Workout with Knee Pad (Blue)

A simple exercise tool for those people who like simple things. You can get great results in the privacy of your home when you use this ab roller to help you exercise. On top of that, the wheel is easy to use. Even your kids can use it to stay healthy.

In addition to that feature, you get a non-slip ab roller that works hard so you do not have to. The foam handles make sure your hands are protected throughout your exercise time.

Some assembly is required but that is okay. Once that is done you now have a tool that helps you tone your body without having to do boring sit-ups.

12. LiKee Ab Wheel Roller

12,LiKee Ab Wheel Roller, Core Training Roller Abdominal Workout Equipment Exercise and Fitness Wheel at Home with Knee Pad for Man Woman Gymnastics Home Gym

The bright red color helps you find this ab roller when you need it. It stands out from all the other items in your storage spot making it easy to grab when you want to workout.

In addition to that, you get an extra-wide wheel that makes exercise fun while being able to hold up to 600 pounds of weight. The stainless steel frame is durable and strong. The wide design makes sure you remain balanced.

Once you get this little exercise tool home, you can start working out. An included knee pad protects your joints so you can relax and enjoy your ab strengthening time. Foam handles make your workout easier on your hands and let you work for long periods of time.

11. LAFENI Ab Roller

11.LAFENI Ab Roller, Home Abdominal Exercise Equipment Core Workout Machine Wider Ab Roller Wheel With Resistant Band (Life-time Warranty)

Balance in exercise is important. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to get your body into the shape you want. This extra-wide wheel helps with that issue and makes sure you get all the balance you need to work out perfectly.

In addition to that, you get foam handles that work with the PVC construction material to hold up to 600 pounds without hurting your hands. Also, resistance bands and a knee pad is included to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

There is some good news as well. This ab roller should not damage your wood or carpeted floors while you strengthen your muscles and shape your body.


10.POWER GUIDANCE AB Wheel & Push Up Bar, Exercise Home Gym Equipment for 6 Pack Abs & Core Workout Roller - with Innovative Non-Slip Rubber, Extra

This ab roller comes with an exercise partner. After you have done your ab roller routines, you can switch to the push-up handles and work more muscles. This partnering provides you with some great workout options.

On top of that, the 2-inch wide wheel comes with a no-slip traction system to make sure you do not get injured at any time you work out. Made from rubber you should be able to use this ab roller with the utmost confidence.

Also, this ab roller is portable and easy to put together and take apart. You do not have to miss out on any exercise time when you purchase this exercise tool. Exercise anywhere you happen to be.

9. King Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel

9.King Athletic Ab-Roller Wheel Abs Carver for Abdominal & Stomach Exercise Training Because You Need The Best Fitness Core Shredder Your New Ab

This attractive ab roller is easy to look at with its bright green coloring. That color offsets the black and makes you look good while you workout. Plus, it is easy to assemble so you do not have to delay your workout.

Once you have it together, this ab roller helps tone and strengthen a wide variety of upper body muscles. After you are done with your exercises, you won’t believe how easy it was to get into shape.

The dual traction wheels and the metal shaft make sure this ab roller is strong, durable, and safe to use. You will be in shape before you know. Plus, it travels well letting you work off calories in hotel rooms or camping tents.

8. Tone Fitness Ab Roller Wheel

8.Tone Fitness Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workout Ab Roller Exercise Equipment & Accessories

The bright pink color will make sure you are alert and awake throughout your exercise time. Morning workouts will be easier than ever because that color scheme gets you wide awake once you pull this ab roller out of its hiding place.

On top of that, you get a tread that should be non-slip and easy to maneuver. No matter what exercise you do, you and your body should be protected and safe. The soft to the touch handles to keep your hands comfortable throughout your exercise time.

Also, the handles extend out about 10 inches, 5 per side, so most hands can grab on with ease. The just over 1 pound weight makes them easy to roll. There is little stress and strain involved.

7. Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit

7.Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro with Resistant Band,Knee Pad,Anti-Slip Handles,Storage Bag and Training Program - Perfect Abdominal Core

One great feature that is included with your purchase is the included resistance bands. You can double your exercise output by attaching these bands to the ab roller. Once you are set up and ready to go, you will get your exercise money’s worth with this exercise tool.

Plus, you get 3 wheels to balance you as you workout. That makes maneuvering this device simple and easy while maintaining your balance. In addition, you can protect your joints with the included knee pad and the foam covered handles.

Your workouts should not be difficult at all especially with the non-slip features built into this exercise tool.

6. Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Rollers

6.Epitomie Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel with 2 Configurable Wheels and Non-Slip Handles - Ab Wheel Trainer with Kneeling Mat for Strong Core (Red Grey)

If you want to think outside the exercise box, this uniquely designed ab roller may help. Its design is created to make sure you get the best results possible. Along with your abs, you can strengthen your other upper body muscles without doing boring and painful routines.

After your exercise, a little your sweaty hands should not slip off the easy to hold handles. Once you are working out, your concentration should remain with your exercises and not distracted by thoughts of slipping.

2 wheels combine together to give you balance and confident exercise time. The silicone tread ensures the wheel is safe to use on most surfaces.

5. Odoland AB Wheel Roller Kit

5.Odoland 3-in-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit AB Roller Pro with Push-Up Bar, Jump Rope and Knee Pad - Perfect Abdominal Core Carver Fitness Workout for Abs - with.

Having the right color design on your ab roller can help inspire your workouts. If it looks good, you will look good and that should motivate you to work hard and get great toning results.

After you select this kit, you can use the ab roller, skipping rope, or push up handles to expand your exercise time and get total body improvement. A knee pad will protect your joints from any hard surface you decide to use.

On top of all that, the ab roller is designed to work with up to 800 pounds of weight at one time. Vary your workouts so you can get the results you desire.

4. Fitnessery Ab Wheel Rollers

4.Ab Roller for Abs Workout - Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment - Ab Wheel Exercise Equipment - Ab Wheel Roller for Home Gym - Ab Machine for Ab Workout - Ab.

Getting free gifts always helps workouts. The extra benefits and support these gifts bring should help your motivation. Once you purchase this ab roller you get a knee pad, exercise guide, and a fitness guide to help you get back into shape.

Then with those gifts in hand, you can use this ab roller in confidence. Its non-slip design makes sure you are safe from strains and other possible accidents. Plus, you get comfortable handles to hold as you work towards your exercise goals.

Also, you should be able to use this ab roller on just about any surface in your home, motel room or tent, etc.

3. Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Roller

3.Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel Rollers - Our Ab Exercise Wheels are Sturdy, Smooth Rolling, and has Non- Slip Handles

Rubber is a great construction material to work with. The reason for that is that it does not usually slip out from underneath you when you exercise. That makes your ab rolling time a lot more fun to do.

In addition to that, sweaty palms are no match for the comfortable foam grips. You can work out knowing your hands will remain where you put them. The maximum weight limit is maybe around 300 pounds.

No matter what, once you employ this ab roller you should get good results in a more interesting manner than traditional exercise routines. Plus, it is easy to assemble and get ready for you.

2. Valeo Ab Rollers Wheel

2.Valeo Ab Roller Wheel, Exercise And Fitness Wheel With Easy Grip Handles For Core Training And Abdominal Workout, VA2413RE

Easy assembly and dual wheels put you on the right path to better health and a better looking you. Strengthening and toning your upper body should be a lot easier after you get this ab roller together and working for you.

Then the easy to hold handles come with finger separators to make sure your grip is tight, secure, and comfortable. Also, the nonskid wheels make sure you can use this ab roller without fear. They work on almost any surface you have in your home.

In addition to all of that, you should be able to use this exercise tool even if you weigh about 300 pounds but double-check that to be sure.

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

1.Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Ergonomically designed handles allow you to work out for extended periods of time without hurting your hands. Then the extra-wide single wheel provides the size you need to stay balanced.

Built-in resistance helps provide the tension you need to tone and strengthen your body. A steel spring inside handles that duty for you. Also, the wide-body makes maneuvering much easier to do and you can target specific muscles without straining yourself.

Then to protect your knees a high-density foam pad is included so you have the comfort and support you need to get into shape. Everything you need to improve your health is in this package.


Living a healthy lifestyle includes exercising properly. Instead of doing boring, hard traditional exercises, you can get healthy by using one of the top 15 best ab rollers in 2022.

These little exercise tools are easy to assemble and they are portable enough to let you take them on the road with you. Start your healthy lifestyle off right by combining your new diet with one of the best and more interesting exercise tools available.

You can get healthier quicker if you do it right and use these ab rollers correctly. The choice is yours alone to make.

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