Best Bar Tables in 2022

Whether at home or at your business, a good bar table can come in handy. One of the top 10 best bar tables in 2022 can provide a little flexibility at your next office party or home event. They give you and your guests a great place to put their drinks.

Plus, you can place great tasting snacks on them. Their flexibility and portability make them a smart choice when you need to relocate them to another site. Then their top construction materials keep them long-lasting and very strong.

When you want to entertain special friends, clients, or even family members, you need to choose these top bar tables to handle your refreshment needs. You can impress your guests with their looks while making sure there are notable accidents.

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13. Leopard Round Top Bar Table

15.Leopard MDF Round Top Not Adjustable (41 INCHES Height) Bar Table, Pub Table with Silver Leg and Base (Black)

You do not need adjustable tables when it comes to serving drinks around a bar table. This table’s 41 inches of height should serve everyone equally whether short or tall. Plus, their small size lets you supply your event with a lot of them.

In addition to that, the tabletop is made from durable and long-lasting MDF wood. Its 24 inches approx., diameter gives your guests a large surface to use. Also, the silver-colored metal legs are strong and sturdy. They should not wobble or tip even with a little weight on them.

The chrome plating helps these tables contribute more good looks to your already good looking decor. They can work for a variety of events you or your business have planned for the year.

12. Flash Furniture White Wood Table

12.Flash Furniture 23.75' Round Adjustable Height White Wood Table (Adjustable Range 26.25' - 35.75')

Having an adjustable bar table is not a bad thing. It does have its use and the adjustment feature can come in handy when you or your guests decide to change positions. The approx. 9-inch adjustment should fit most of your event needs.

Also, some assembly is required and after you get the bar table put together, you can use the approx., 24 inches round top for a variety of snacks or work activities. The adjustment feature has a long handle that is easy to operate.

This table’s chrome finish and construction materials should be strong enough to handle what you need to use them for. The top swivels but does not lock into place. In addition to all of that, the large base should remain stable while in use.

11. COSTWAY Modern Round Bar Table

11.COSTWAY Modern Round Bar Table Adjustable Bistro Pub Counter Wood Top Swivel Indoor (2)

With this bar table’s 8 inch adjustment, you should be able to set up a number of these bar tables at different heights. This flexibility allows you to meet your guests’ needs while they enjoy your event.

Then the 360-degree swivel lets your guests rotate the tabletop to bring the snacks closer to the person on the other side. A simple lever located under the round tabletop handles the adjustment duties.

Underneath the chrome base is an 18-inch rubber ring. This ring ensures that your floors should not get marked up during use. Also, the MDF wood tabletop should endure spills and other accidents that happen without getting damaged. A very durable table like this one is what you need.

10. Roundhill Furniture Wood and Chrome Metal Bar Table

10.Roundhill Furniture Adjustable Height Wood and Chrome Metal Bar Table, White

Wood and chrome go together like salt and pepper. Both have excellent durability and strength ratings and both look good in your home or office. Plus, they are portable and easy to move when you need to get them to another location.

On top of that the round tabletop measures about 24 inches in diameter. That size works with the about 10-inch adjustment function. One lever lets you move the tabletop up or down very easily.

Also, the chrome-plated base and metal pedestal make sure this bar table is sturdy and stable. Some assembly is required before this bar table is ready for action. Only a few minutes of your time is needed to set this table up and place it where you need it.

9. Monarch Specialties Space Saver Bar Table

9.Monarch Specialties Space Saver Bar Table, 24-Inch by 36-Inch, Black Silver Metal

This non-adjusting bar table provides you and your guests or family with 24 by 36 inches of additional table space. That is good when you do not need a dining room table’s dimensions to work on.

On top of that, you get 41 inches of height when you set this metal bar table up in any room you want it in. Plus, the metal tube legs are sturdy and should not be flimsy when you put a little weight on them.

Even though two is company and 3 is a crowd, you can fit up to 3 people around its tabletop size. Its half-moon design saves a lot of room space when you do not have a lot to spare.

8. Winsome Wood Cora Bar Table

8.Winsome Wood 76124 Cora Dining, Black Faux Marble

Measuring approx. 24 by 40 inches in size, you get a comfortable table to sit or stand at. Its large round decorative top holds a few drinks and some snacks with ease. The faux marble design helps add a little class to your event.

Made from top MDF and metal construction materials, you get a sturdy and stable table. Then the black metal color helps this bar table fit into your room’s decor without clashing or drawing attention to itself.

Once you have assembled this bar table, its portability allows you to move it anywhere you need it to be. The strong metal pedestal post ensures that the weight you put on this tale is safe. The table works for a variety of occasions and events.

7. Topeakmart Adjustable Round Pub Table

7.Topeakmart Adjustable Round Pub Table Counter Bar Height MDF Top Table 306° Swivel Bar Tables Tall Cocktail Tables Bistro Table

What do you get when you turn to this top quality bar table for your next event? About 8 inches of lift. The adjustment on this table goes from about 27 inches to 36 inches with one press of a lever. Then press the lever again to return it to a lower height.

On top of that, this bar table’s 24-inch swivel top rotates so snacks and drinks can be shared quickly. The top also can hold about 88 pounds while the MDF construction material holds up well under accidental spills.

Like other bar tables on this list, the metal pedestal and base support system keeps the table in one place without fear of tipping. It is a good looking bar table as well.

6. PHI VILLA Bar Height Bistro Table

6.PHI VILLA Bar Height Bistro Table Outdoor Bar Table

4 metal legs with extra horizontal support, provide you and a loved one the support you need when you want to spend some quality time together. The tempered glass top is strong while adding an element of romance to your private moments.

Measuring about32 by 32 by 40 inches in size, you get a compact table that is just the right size for the 2 of you. On top of that, the whole table is easy to keep clean and ready for your next private time.

In addition, the powdered coated steel legs remain looking their best without being corrupted by rust and other mental ailments. You can add decorative chairs to complete the look this table brings to your romantic patio times.

5. Flash Furniture Aluminum Indoor-Outdoor Bar Table

5.Flash Furniture 23.25'' Round Aluminum Indoor-Outdoor Folding Bar Height Table with Base - TLH-059A-GG

Entertain indoors or outside with this top quality round aluminum bar table. It is made of the right stuff and can handle the weather elements with ease. Plus, the pedestal style support sits on 4 legs to make sure the table remains stable.

Also, those legs come with adjustable rubber feet. These feet work hard to keep the table level and from tilting back and forth. The bar height bar table is sound, sturdy, and has a large enough top to hold snacks and drinks with ease.

The approx. 23 inch round top should be able to hold a laptop when you are not in the snacking mood. The strong construction materials should also keep this bar table in the family for decades. It is a good choice when you need entertainment options.

4. Flash Furniture Round Wood Cocktail Table

4.Flash Furniture 30'' Round Wood Cocktail Table with 30 and 42 Columns

A foot and half diameter on this round tabletop should provide you with more than enough comfortable surface to work with. Enjoy your drinks, food, or even do a little computer work on top of it. It is made to be flexible and used in a variety of ways.

Plus, the four metal legs and little feet are made to work well outside your home or office. It should withstand different weather patterns without complaining. Then when you need to, you can switch the longer column with a shorter one. You can meet a variety of entertainment needs with this feature.

On top of that, the birch wood tabletop is heavily varnished so it will withstand the weather like the four legs and feet do. The feet are self-leveling.

3. Boraam 71842 Florence Pub Table

3.Boraam 71842 Florence Pub Table, 42-Inch, Black

Wood always adds a touch of a classy atmosphere when employed correctly. This bar table is made from hardwood so it will last you for years and still look as good as the day you brought it home.

While it is not adjustable, its overall height does reach bar height. Then the carved pedestal makes sure your classy atmosphere remains intact. 4 legs hold the pedestal in place and provide great support for the 30-inch tabletop.

In addition to that, ball feet keeps the table from doing any damage to your floor. The 42-inch high ba4r table is a good addition to any situation. It adds a decorative flair that will have your guests talking about how good they look most of the night.

2. Winsome Obsidian Pub Table

2.Winsome Obsidian Pub Table Round Black Mdf Top with Black Leg And Base - 23.7-Inch Top, 39.76-Inch Height

This thinly crafted bar table adds a little post-modern look to your already great looking room, office or business. Its black color blends right in and makes sure it does not overwhelm the rest of the furniture in the room.

Then it’s approx. 24-inch table diameter and 39-inch height give you and your guests plenty of room to drink and socialize. On top of that function, it can be used as an accent table or even a phone stand for your landline.

After you bring this table home, it is so portable and flexible, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right location for it. Made from metal and MDF wood, this bar table is strong, durable, and stable. A good choice for any home or office environment.

1. Keter Cool Bar Rattan Style Outdoor Cooler Table

1.Keter 7.5-Gal Cool Bar Rattan Style Outdoor Patio Pool Cooler Table, Brown

Rattan looks good almost all of the time. It fits in with a good outdoor patio or swimming pool area. That is because it is made from water-resistant materials. But that is not the great feature this table possesses.

Underneath its approx. 22-inch tabletop diameter lurks an approx. 7+ gallon cooler. You do not have to get up when you need your beverages refreshed. Once the ice melts, a built-in drain plug lets you drain the water and clean the cooler with ease.

That is not all, this cooler is made to keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours at a time. Along with that, the tabletop should be able to hold 110 pounds with ease. That is efficiency at its finest. All in all, you get good looks, an easy to use cooler, and a high weight limit.


Entertaining should take on a new look and style for you. Once you use one of the top 13 best bar tables in 2022. Their good looks, rugged construction, and stability make these tables top of the line and second to none.

Not only do you get to entertain your guests without fear of accident, but these tables also make you look good. They are well crafted with you in mind that is why you need to turn to the best to get the best results.

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