Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands in 2022

Having a good sound system includes having good speaker stands. One of the top 13 best Bookshelf Speaker Stands in 2022 can elevate your speakers to make sure you can hear every note clearly. Plus, they add a bit of class to help your room’s decor.

When you have a good speaker stands, your speakers are also safe from harm. They stay where you put them and do not get accidentally kicked or bumped. Also, the stands help you organize your wiring so they stay out of your way.

With the top speaker stands on the job, your room looks neater and better organized. It is also safer and helps keep your mind clear to focus on other more important things.

List of Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands on in 2022

13. Rockville Bookshelf Speaker Stand


Standing 28 inches tall, these solidly built speaker stands can handle your bookshelf speakers with ease. Made from solid fiberboard, these stands can hold up to 60 pounds each and keep the speakers safe. Then the black finishing paint is said to not peel, chip, or crack. That means they stay good looking for as long as you own them and treat them right. One nice feature is the empty body style.

This allows you to add sand to keep the stands extra stable and harder to knock over. Also, you get two different platform sizes. If you have small or large speakers, you should be able to place them on these platforms without issue. Its rubber feet should not hurt or scratch your nice floors. The brass spikes also add to stability.

12. Pangea Audio LS300 Speaker Stand


These pedestal style speaker stands add a little contemporary look to your home. 3 pedestals on each stand hold your speakers and dress up the place. Then a 6 by 6 metal platform holds your speakers without complaint.

There is no real weight limit but stay reasonable and practical when placing your speakers on top. Made from steel, these stands should hold up well under normal treatment. To help with the stability and balance metal cone-shaped spikes help keep the stand from being knocked over.

The steel feet work with the 10 by 12-inch steel base to make sure these stands remain steady and up to the task. Then when it comes time to do wire management, one of the pedestals opens up and lets you thread your wires through it. No more tripping over the wires and making a mess or breaking your speakers.

11. Rockville RHTSB Bookshelf Speaker Stand


Bookshelf speakers are not usually that large. They are designed to fit in small tight spots. That is what makes this speaker stands so special. They free up your bookshelves and let you place your speakers where you want them.

Measuring 36 inches high, these fiber core speaker stands help cut down vibrations and echoes. Then these wood speaker stands are painted with a durable coat of paint that should not chip, crack, or peel.

Once you have them in the position you can fill them with sand for better support and stability. The stands can hold up to 60 pounds each giving your speaker options. Then the approx. 9 by 7-inch platforms give you plenty of space to sit your speakers. Rubber and brass feet make sure the stands stay balanced and safe.

10. VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands


Made from aluminum and glass these glistening black speaker stands will catch the eyes of everyone in the room. They will marvel at your good taste and sense of style. The construction material also keeps it very durable.

With pointed metal feet, your speakers should not tip over due to the stands being out of balance. These feet work with the 10 by the 10-inch base to make sure the stability factor is not compromised. On top of that, the 8 by 8 inch top platforms handle a variety of speaker sizes.

Standing 23 inches tall, you can get a lot of clarity and good sound without worrying about obstructions. Also, cable management is not going to be a problem. Just run the wires up and inside the stands to keep them out of the way.

9. VIVO Universal 25″ Floor Speaker Stands


Standing 25 inches tall, these speaker stands can handle just about any bookshelf speaker with ease. Their universal nature means you do not have to run out and get new speakers to match the stands. Then with the carpet spikes and the approx. 9 by 9-inch bases the stability of these stands is not to be questioned. The approx. 6 by 6 inch top platforms have plenty of room to hold most bookshelf speakers.

Made from high gauge steel these stands can hold speakers weighing up to 22 pounds each. The steel construction material is protected by a matte black finish. This enables the stands to resist corrosion and look good in your home for years. Cable management shouldn’t be much of an issue and you can place your wires anywhere you need them to be.

8. PERLESMITH Adjustable Height Speaker Stands


Adjusting your sound takes more than just moving the volume dial. You can adjust the sound you hereby moving these stands up or down. They can go from 30 inches to 45 inches high with a slight twist of the wrist.

In addition to that feature, you get a triangle base designed to keep the stands nice and stable. To keep the stands still you can either use the rubber feet or the carpet spikes. Either way, your floors, and speakers are protected.

Once you have these stands in position, they will hold up to 8 pounds each. Then a concealed wire path hides your wires so no one sees them. This makes your room cleaner and easier to be in. All the hardware is included with your purchase. Assembly shouldn’t take that long and soon you can enjoy quality music from your new speaker stands.

7. Mount-It! Speaker Stands


Aluminum pedestals, tempered glass shelves, and a nice look all combine together to provide you and your home with a quality speaker stand to look at. These top-quality 18-inch speaker stands will not detract from your room’s decor.

Plus, the 8 by 10 top platforms can hold up to 22 pounds each. More than enough to handle most bookshelf speakers. Then the 10 by 12 bottom platform helps keep the stands balanced and stable. The tempered glass platforms are 1/2 inch thick and are safe enough to use even with small children in the house.

Wires stay out of the way when you use the pedestals to bring them up to the speakers. Their wide compatibility range allows you to buy the speakers you want. Your music will sound even better once you elevate those bookshelf speakers.

6. Mount-It! Tall Bookshelf Speaker Stands


The silver and white design on these single pedestal speaker stands work hard to keep your home looking modern and cool. Once you have them set up, you can run the wires up to the hollow pedestals and keep them from view.

Plus, you shouldn’t trip over them as you do things around the house. Made from tough and thick aluminum, these speaker stands are tough and durable. They should withstand normal knocks and bumps with ease. Along with these attributes, each one can hold 22 pounds apiece.

The thick tempered glass platforms give you plenty of holding options and can handle their daily speaker holding duties without a problem. Put the pedestals and the platforms together and these stands will lift your speakers 23 inches off the ground, The top shelf measures 8 by 8 with the bottom ones measuring 10 by inches in size.

5. Atlantic Speaker Stands


These simply designed speaker stands are for those people who like their furniture pieces to blend in and not be conspicuous. Made from steel and given a nice black coating, these speaker stands are simple in design and do not clash with anything in your home.

Then the 30-inch pedestals can handle up to 20 pounds of speaker weight each. More than enough weight capacity for good bookshelf speakers. Assembly doe snot take that long and once you have them, put together you can place them anywhere in your room.

If you are not using wireless speakers, then the hidden wire management system will make sure your wires are out of sight and out of the way. The stability is there as is the durability.

4. Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands


These speakers stand to sit directly on your floor. That is to ensure that you get perfect balance and stability. The wide base on each stand makes sure that no floor is too tough for these stands to sit on. Even those these 24 inch Bose speaker stands are made for Bose 301 and 302 speakers, we are sure that you can place other speakers on top of their approx. 11 by 7 inch top platforms.

Some assembly is required but that shouldn’t take too long if you are handy with a screwdriver. After you set them up, you can choose where you want your speakers. There is no limit as long as the speaker wires are long enough. The metal construction is very strong and durable.

3. SANUS 31″ Speaker Stands


Standing 31 inches high, these MDF constructed speaker stands will hold your bookshelf speakers without any trouble. They are rated to handle 20 pounds each. Once you get your speakers on top of them you will wonder why you didn’t buy them before.

On top of that, there is a cable management system. Just thread the wire up through the hollow legs and attach them to your speakers. For stability, ABS plastic carpet spikes are included to keep the stands still.

A 5 by 5 inch top platform holds your speaker’s level and make sure you can get the sound you want. If you want the stands to sit level then you need to make sure you use the spikes. The wires slide underneath and up the hollow pedestal.

2. VideoSecu DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand


Having a choice gives you freedom and these speaker stands provide a lot of choices. First, you can adjust their height between 26 1/2 inches to 47 inches high. That gives you lots of room to find those spots for the perfect sound.

Then the top platform adjusts to you can place a variety of sized speakers inside their grasp. The top platforms adjust between 5 1/2 inches to 11 inches wide. Then they will hold up to 30 pounds of weight. You have a lot of freedom with these speaker stands.

Then these steel stands come with their own cable management system that keeps your wires out of sight. Plus, the removable rubber feet protect your floors as they hold the speakers.

1. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand


These speaker stands hold your speakers from the rear. This allows you to maneuver the speakers in any direction you want them to go in. Plus, you get to adjust their height. The stands start at 28 inches and go up to a maximum of 38 inches high.

In addition to that, the round bases make sure there is no instability when these stands are set up. With a wide compatibility range, these speaker stands can hold up to 3 1/2 pounds.

Made from steel, these speaker stands look good and keep you in touch with the music crowd. All your wires can be channeled into the cable management system.


Improve the look in your home and make it safer by adding one of the top 13 best speaker stands in 2022. These stands are well made, durable, and very stable. Plus, many of them hold a lot of weight. This makes your music listening experience a lot better.

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