Best Car Ramps in 2022

Giving your car a lift that is what ramps are all about. They elevate your car high enough so you can take care of any repairs easily. One of the top 11 best car ramps in 2022 makes sure you get the height you need.

Not only are they made to give your car a lift, but these ramps are also easy to use. Just place them in position and drive your car up the slope. You already have enough car issues to look after, you do not need difficult to use ramps adding to your car issues.

When your car needs a lift, and you need safe and secure elevation, choose to go with one of the best car ramps available. When you are under a car, being safe is the most important issue and these car ramps provide you with that safety.

List of Best Car Ramps in 2022

11. Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set

11. Cusco A517 SL99 Jack Assist Ramp Set

Made from very strong and very durable ABS construction materials, you know you will be safe underneath your car when you use these car ramps. Then they measure roughly 31 by 8 inches in size giving your tires lots of room to roll into place.

Plus, they have a good weight capacity. Just about any car that is driven on the street can easily use these car ramps. After you finished using them, these car ramps divide into two parts. That makes for easy storage and keeps them out of the way till the next time you need them.

The indentation at the end lets you know when you have reached the end of the ramp. Then the grid layout helps provide the traction you need to get up the incline. Their lightweight making them very easy to relocate and lets you get them in the proper position without hassle.

10. Bunkerwall Set of Two Medium Size Curb Ramps

10. Set of Two Medium Size (4 inch Tall) Curb Ramps. Car, Truck, RV, Trailer, Cart or Handtruck. Can be Bolted Together or Used Separately.

Two is always better than one. You can keep your car even, balanced and avoid bottoming out as you go over the curb. The four-inch lift helps you move your car into position and climb the curb with ease.

The polymer plastic construction materials are solidly built and are rated to hold 4,000 pounds each. Plus, that construction material keeps its weight down. You can easily relocate these ramps when you need to.

Also, the ramps measure 23 1/2 wide and have special bolts on each side. You can attach them together or add more to make sure your ramp is stable and wide enough to handle your vehicle.

Besides helping you get over a curb, you can use these ramps just about anywhere. Their flexibility gives you the solution to most obstacles that come in your car’s parking path. They will also help you get jack clearance.

9. Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps

9. Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps - 2PC Heavy Duty Plastic Threshold Ramp Kit Set for Driveway, Loading Dock, Sidewalk, Car

These curb ramps give you and your car a nice boost over almost any curb in your path. The grey colored ramps measure approx 20 by 10 inches in size and can handle up to 6,600 pounds each.

Besides giving cars a lift over the curb, these car ramps work well with wheelchairs, walkers, and other devices that need a special lift. Their PP plastic construction material is designed to last and keep the weight down.

They are strong but light enough to move from place to place without hurting your back. The yellow-colored partner can easily be used to line up your car so that you do not miss the ramps and hit the curb by mistake.

In addition to all of this, a built-in handle makes moving the ramps simple. Plus, there are pre-drilled holes. These holes allow you to permanently secure them in place.

8. BUNKERWALL Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps

8. BUNKERWALL Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps for Camper, RV, Travel Trailer, Caravan or Motorhome - 2 Ramps (One Pair) BW4203

While you can use these ramps to work on your car, they are made to keep RVs, trailers, etc., level. You get 3 different stages on these ramps, each one designed to counter any slight slope you meet when you go camping and other outdoor activities.

Then as you bring your RV, etc., up onto the ramps, the raised ridges provide you with excellent traction. You get up to 4 inches of lift to make sure you do not sleep in a crooked trailer or camper.

Also, the ramps measure 10inches wide. This gives them the ability to handle tandem axle loads. The polyethylene construction material can hold up to roughly 10,000 pounds per axle.

They may be strong, but they are also not that heavy. You should be able to get them in place and back into storage without breaking a sweat.

7. Landwave Skateboard Ramp

7. Landwave Skateboard Ramp 2-Pack

You wouldn’t want to drive a regular car up to these ramps but you will have a lot of fun sending your remote control car over the ramps. Plus, you can use them for skateboards, bikes, and other light moving devices.

Also, you can use these ramps together or individually, If you buy enough of them, you can layout a great obstacle course and really have some fun. Slots and bars on each side allow you to hook these ramps together easily.

Assembly is also a snap and you do not need tools to do it. Once in place, the 38 1/2 by 28 by 12-inch ramps provide you with ample lift and enough width so you shouldn’t miss the ramp.

The specially designed bottoms do not have rubber anti-slip feet but they remain in place so you do not have to worry about falling when on these ramps.

6. Discount Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps

6. Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps – 2 Pack

This pair of ramps are called low profile because they only give you about 2 1/2 inches of lift. That is still high enough to get under your car easily and safely. Then the approx. 27.5 by 8-inch dimensions give your car’s tires enough room to get up and down without falling off.

Each ramp should be able to up to 2 tons of weight or 4,400 pounds. They are lightweight, easy to get into position, and then return to storage when the job is done. The heavy-duty plastic construction should be durable enough to last you for years.

On top of all this, the honeycomb design lets moisture drop through to the ground or floor. This protects the ramps from any damage caused by moisture build-up. Then the approx. 9-degree incline provides you with an easy slope to roll your car up.

5. BUNKERWALL Leveler Ramps

5. BUNKERWALL Leveler Ramps and Chock Blocks for Camper RV Travel Trailer or Motorhome - Complete Leveling Accessories Set BW4201

Going camping or traveling with a camper, trailer, or RV has its issues. One of those issues is keeping them level. These leveler ramps take the work out of leveling your recreational vehicle.

Once you lay these leveler ramps down, you get 3 different stages to park your recreational vehicle and make sure you do not have issues inside. Then after you get the vehicle on the ramps, the included chock blocks hold the tires in place.

Plus, the ramps measure approx. 28 inches long and about 7 inches wide. Unfortunately, they are for single axle vehicles only, but that doesn’t stop them from holding up to 8,000 pounds of weight.

Made from polyethylene, these car ramps are durable, strong, and should last you for years to come. They will not rust and you get a handy carrying or storage bag to keep them safe when not in use.

4. OxGord RV Camper Leveler Ramps

4. OxGord RV Camper Leveler Ramps (Pack of 2) Leveling Blocks for Travel Trailer Levelers for RVS Campers

Leveler ramps come in handy, even when you are not out exploring the great outdoors. They can keep trailers, RVs, campers, and other recreational vehicles level right in your own driveway or backyard.

The 3 level stages make sure you can find the right spot in keeping those vehicles nice and even. Plus, you get almost 4 inches of lift on the last stage. Staggered ridges provide the traction you need and keeps those vehicles from slipping back down.

Also, you get two pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the ramps. These holes let you attach the ramps permanently and securely. Once in place, these ramps can hold about 11,000 pounds per axle.

The 22 by 8-inch dimensions allow you to get a variety of recreational vehicles on top of these ramps. They also give you the peace of mind you need as all your tanks, etc. will work properly when leveled by these ramps.

3. Camco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler

3. Camco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler, Raises Your RV Up to 5 Works on Any Tire, Has Built in Handle, Load Capacity of 10,000 lbs, Durable Non Slip Surface (44575)

The honeycombed design makes sure you do not have to work in standing water or other obstacles when you need to level your recreational vehicle. They stay dry even when you need to remove those vehicles from their level position.

Once you take these ramps out of their box, you get 3 level stages ranging in height from 2 to 3 1/2 to 5 inches high. Then the approx. 10-inch width gives your tires plenty of room to roll up or down. The ramps measure about 28 inches long.

Made from tough resin, the non-slip surface holds on to your vehicle’s tires and does not let them slide back down. After you get the ramps in position, they will hold about 10,000 pounds. These ramps are easy to use and put into place. Plus, you get a built-in handle to make sure they are not hard to carry.

2. Ten Eighty Launch Ramp

2. Ten Eighty Launch Ramp

You may be tempted to use these high ramps for your car, but resist the temptation, please. These ramps are made for launching bikes, skateboards, and other light moving objects.

It is good to resist temptation as these ramps are only rated to hold 125 pounds each. Once you get them out of the box, you can use them individually or hook them together at their peak.

The no-slip treading on each ramp should prevent bad falls or spills. They also have rubber non-slip feet. This keeps them in place jump after jump. Their approx. 2-foot length and 11 to 16-inch width still provides ample room for great jumps.

Easy to assemble and it is so fast to put together that you will be outside jumping in no time. The tabletop connector makes sure you can go both ways on these ramps.

1. Rhino Gear Rhino Ramps

1. RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Set of 2 (12,000lb. GVW Capacity)

When you are underneath your car, you want ramps that can support a lot of weight. These ramps handle up to 12,000 pounds with ease. All you have to do is set them in place, and roll your car up till the tires hit the back walls.

The 17-degree incline angle is not that hard to get your car up and over the hump. With a non-skid base, you can be assured that the ramps should not move as you are driving up the incline.

Then the tread on the ramps works to give your car’s tires ample traction. The built-in grooves should channel all liquids away from you and your car’s new ramps. Also, built-in handles let you move these ramps from place to place with ease. Their lightweight should not cause you any harm.

These ramps belong in any home mechanic’s garage. They are portable so you can keep them in your trunk when you need to make repairs on the road.

When it comes to cars, RVs, and other moving items, having a good set of ramps around will save you a lot of trouble. You can get over curbs easier, level recreational vehicles for a better camping experience, and repair your car with ease.

Plus, if you like to skateboard or launch bikes into the air, there are good ramps on this list that will help you achieve that thrill. When you go with one of the top 11 best car ramps in 2022, you are ensuring that your home duties and hobbies get the best lift possible. That makes any task or hobby easier to do.

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