Top 15 Best Car Trash Bags in 2022

Life can get hectic and the car suffers for it. You eat on the go, drink coffee on the go, and the trash end up in the back seat of your car. One way to solve this problem is to use one of the top 15 best car trash bags in 2022.

These trash bags and or can work hard to give you a place to toss your trash and uneaten food. They are easy to use and do not take up a lot of space.

List of Best Car Trash Bags in 2022

15. ZUBA Car Trash Can

15. ZUBA Car Trash Can with Lid - Black - Premium Quality Trash Bin - Small Size Fits Cup Holder in Console or Door - Discreet Trash Management for Your Car

The lid keeps the foul odor inside the can and away from your nose as you drive. Its small size lets you keep it right beside you. This makes accessing it simple and easy.No more throwing used Kleenex on the floor of your car.

Plus, its silicone construction material makes the trash can strong, durable, and should last you for years. Then when it is full, you just separate the plastic base from the rest of the can and empty it.l It is that simple.

It’s rough 6 by 3-inch size allows you to have one in the back of your car as well as the front. Or you can place it in one of your car’s cup holders for better security.

14. Hominize Car Trash Bags

14. Hominize Car Trash Can - Premium Waterproof Litter Garbage Bag - Extra Large

This soft-sided trash bag hook son over your headrest. This places the bag in a convenient spot so you and your family can use it instead of your car floor. Its waterproof construction lets it hold all types of garbage at one time.

Plus, you get over 3 gallons of space to make sure all the trash goes into it and not on your nice car interior. With a 10 year guarantee, you have lots of warranty protection in case anything goes wrong.

With its universal fit, you can place this trash bag in a vehicle you may own. The durable fabric construction looks good in your car and does not detract from your car’s decor. The adjustable strap lets you select how tight the fit will be.

13. Case New Lightweight Neoprene Auto Trash Bag

13. Case New Lightweight Neoprene Auto Trash Bag Sleeve Pouch,Litter Bag,Car Trash Keeper,Garbage Holder,Trash Liner Bag Case

With a little slit in the handle, you get several location options. You can place this trash bag on your gear shift or your door handles. Wherever you put it, you get lots of space to throw your trash.

Measuring 12 1/2 by 10 inches in size, even your fast food containers should fit inside without any problem, Then if it gets dirty, just toss it in the wash and it will be good as new. All the germs will be gone so your family will be safe.

Also, the lightweight should not damage your car’s parts when it gets full. Then the neoprene fabric is very durable and does not look half bad once placed inside your vehicle. Go with the best to keep your car clean.

12. Power Tiger CAR ACCESSORIES Car Trash Bags

12. Hanging Car Trash Bag Can Premium Waterproof Litter Garbage Bag Organizer 1.85 Gallon Capacity Black Powertiger

Its almost 2-gallon capacity leaves you a lot of room to roundup your trash and put in in one spot. Then by placing a small trash bag inside the can, you can get rid of your trash in one trip.

Then the 23-inch adjustable strap gives you location options, The 9 by 9 by 6 inch approx. A trash bag can fit almost anywhere in your vehicle. There is even more good news. The Oxford fabric is waterproof. This allows the bag to stay looking its best even when bad spills happen.

Or if you do not want to put the trash inside, you can put your child’s toys there so they do not get lost or broken. Flexibility is king when you have lots of issues to solve.

11. The Keep it Clean CarBage – Auto Trash Can

11. Keep It Clean CarBage The Auto Trash Can, Auto Litter Bag, Auto Garbage Bin, Car Trash Pail, Great for Cars, Boats & RV's (Black)

It is decorative, brightly colored, and does not take up any foot space. Then with its mesh side pockets, you can store bottles without filling up the inside of the trash bag. On top of this, you get a button closure so the contents do not spill out when you come to a sudden stop.

Also, the adjustable strap allows you to put it around your headrest so everyone can use it easily, including the driver. Once installed you get 2 gallons of space to throw all the trash inside.

Then the leak-proof construction materials are easy to rinse out and keep the trash bag germ and bacteria-free. For added trash security, two Velcro strips are added to secure the opening when you need it closed.

10. High Road Puff n’ Stuff; Litter Bag

10. High Road Puff'nStuff Car Trash Bag and Back Seat Organizer (Black)

This trash bag’s unique feature is its tissue space. You can put a box of tissue underneath the bag and get those Kleenex when you need to. Even if you are in a hurry, the tissues come right out.

After you install the bag around your headrest, you get a room for 2 bottles. The mesh pockets make room for two average size or smaller bottles to meet your needs. Then the 12 by 9-inch trash bag holds about 2 gallons of trash or 6 cans of soda with ease.

A spring-type closure keeps the lid closed till you need to use the trash bag. Plus, the polyester materials will handle both wet and dry trash with ease.

9. MyTidyCar Car Trash Bags

9. MyTidyCar Car Trash Can - Hanging Wastebasket & Auto Garbage Bag - Portable Waste Container with Lid and Waterproof Lining - Large 3 Gallon Capacity

Having a mess in your car is not very attractive to that girl you have your eye on. But you can change that by using this trash bag to hold your garbage. Its 3 mesh exterior pockets let you put other items in one spot, while the interior pocket holds about 3 gallons of trash.

When the trash bag is not full, you can keep the contents out of sit by closing the lid. Then the construction fabric looks good and makes your car look even better. Of course, you do not have to use this bag as a trash can.

It doubles as toy storage, picnic basket, and any other item you made need at the time. When you have options life gets a little easier to live.

8. IPELY Vehicle Garbage Bag

8. IPELY Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Litter Trash Garbage Bag (Black)

All you do to set this trash bag up snap the adjustable holding strap around the legs of your headrest. Once you have that done, you can store lots of garbage inside its 15 by 7-inch frame.

Also, the specially designed lid, allows you to put trash in while blocking your poet from taking it out again. The elastic top handles that duty quite well. Plus, when the bag gets dirty it is not hard to clean.

Just toss it in your washer and let it handle removing all the germs and bacteria. You stay healthy and safe. The bottom of the bag is designed to make it very easy to empty the trash. A Velcro strap holds the bottom closed.

7. Drive Auto Products The DRIVE Bin XL

7. The DRIVE Bin XL - Best Large Car Trash Can for Litter, Takes Grocery Bag Size Disposable Liners, 10-Piece Starter Pack Included

You can use large trash bag liners to help keep this large trash bag nice and clean. Also, its jumbo size makes sure you can get a lot of unwanted materials inside before it needs to be emptied.

After you hook the adjustable straps where you want the bag, you can toss your trash inside with ease. A lid ensures that the trash does not get out again until you want it to go. Mesh pockets give you extra storage space when the time comes.

Made from sturdy oxford fabric, you can fill this bag up with 3 gallons of unwanted materials. Its overall measurements are 15 by 10 by 7 inches.

6. KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Car Garbage Bin

6. KMMOTORS Jopps Comfortable Car Garbage Bin Original Patented Portable Drive Bin Premium Hanging Wastebasket

Just slip the adjustable strap over your gear shift and the trash can stays out of the way. This location makes sit easy for both the passenger and driver to throw away their garbage.

Made from Oxford cloth, this trash can holds almost 2 gallons of unwanted items before needing to be emptied. The bag is also leak proof. This further protects your car as you drive.

Or if you have a little child inside with you, you can keep his or her toys near you. Just place them in the bag before they get lost. Versatility is a good thing, even in a trash bag.

5. High Road StashAway Car Trash Bags

5. High Road StashAway Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

The flexible lid closure allows you to put the trash inside the can but does not let the trash can kick it back out again. The flexible opening works only one way. That helps your car stay nice and clean.

Also, the 3 mesh pockets let you store needed items and keep them handy in the case of an emergency. Made from polyester, the trash bag should be leakproof. All you have to do to receive these benefits is attach the can to your car’s console. Then you are good to go. The trash can handle about 1 1/2 gallons of trash.

4. Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Cans

4. Zone Tech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can - Black Collapsible Pop-up Leak Proof Trash Can

One thing about a universal car trash can is that you can move it from car to car without worry. It works no matter which vehicle you put it in. Then its leak-proof construction protects your car even if you put open liquid containers inside.

Plus, if you do not need it, it folds up nice and small and fits in your seat pockets until needed again. Locating the can is not hard and you have lots of options. In fact, you can use it in your home as well. The large size handles a lot of garbage at one time.

3. High Road TrashStash Trash Bag

3. High Road TrashStash Hanging Car Trash Bag with Leakproof Lining and Spring Frame Closure

Just a couple of minutes of your time and you can have this garbage bag installed and ready for use. The adjustable strap just hooks around your headrest legs and hangs on. Once you have it installed you can place 3 gallons of unneeded items inside.

Also, the bag is very easy to keep clean. Made from polyester materials, you just need to wipe it and it is ready to go again. Plus, a spring-type closure closes the top so you do not accidentally spill all the trash out again. It is a universal trash bag and should fit in most vehicles with ease.

2. EPAuto Car Garbage Trash Can

2. EPAuto Car Garbage Trash Can w,Storage Pockets

Having storage pouches makes it more convenient to have emergency supplies on hand. If there is a mess, etc., you can be prepared by pulling what you need from those storage pockets.

Then up to 29-inch adjustable straps hold the approx. 10 by9 by 6-inch trash bag with ease. After it is installed, the trash bag should hold just over 2 gallons of garbage. The interior is made from waterproof materials. Those materials are very strong and should last you a long time. The bag looks good once you get it in the right place.

1. Drive Auto Car Garbage Can

1. Car Garbage Can by Drive Auto Products from The Drive Bin As Seen On TV Collection, Black Strap

With included trash can liners, you can get up to 2 gallons of waste inside and keep it from your car. Or if you so choose, you can place up to 6 cans of soda inside and keep them cool with a little ice. How you use it is up to you.

One mesh pocket gives you room to keep tissues ready when a spill does take place. The adjustable strap gives you location options and makes sure it is convenient. Hooks on the side hold the trash liner in place.


Keeping your car clean is not that difficult. These well made top 15 best car trash bags in 2022 work with you. Not only do they handle your trash quite well. Some of them can act as coolers or lunch boxes. That means you have lots of options for the price of one item.

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