Top 11 Best Custom Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022

For any game connoisseur, the movement of the mouse is very important. A gaming mouse will operate smoothly only when you use it on a good mouse pad. You can find gaming mouse pads in different shapes and sizes and comes at an affordable value. Despite having a simple profile, it is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any gaming session. A gaming mouse pad has a smooth surface and lets you focus on the game without any kind of interruption. Check out the top 11 best custom gaming mouse pads in 2022 below.

Lis of Best Custom Gaming Mouse Pads in 2022

11. Gaming Mouse Pad Custom Design by YANNUN


This large mouse pad enhances your good experiences with its double XL size and smooth texture while playing a game or working. The surface is extra-large so you can keep your mouse and keyboard both on it together. Moreover, it uses an anti-slip rubber as a base so your mouse or keyboard does not slip during play or work. This rubber pad also protects your precious mouse or desktop surface from unwanted scratches.

Furthermore, the smooth surface optimizes for optical and laser both types of gaming mouse sensors in a better way. So, you can control your mouse rapidly and crush an online gaming competition easily. If you searching for a professional gaming mouse pad with a reasonable price; you may go for this gaming mouse pad.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Custom design and anti-slip base.
  • Smooth surface for optimal movement.
  • Convenient size and durable material.

10. Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad Floral Design


This floral printed mouse pad decorates your work desk also the inspirational quote refreshes your mood. Moreover, it keeps your desk surface and mouse free from unwanted scratches and protects the mouse sensor. The soft material gives your hand or wrist enough comfort during work. Additionally, this mouse pad will give you n excellent performance for all types of mouse.

While playing a game or working, your mouse never slips out due to rubber under-surface. Furthermore, the smooth texture of the upper portion offers a great mouse movement. You can maintain proper hygiene by cleaning it easily also it does not become faded, for sure.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Stylized design and wide surface.
  • Suitable for all types of mice.
  • Soft material and non-slip rubber base.

9. Shalysong Colorful Dog Mouse Pad


This mouse pad offers various personalized designs that you love most also provides more than 25 colors at a reasonable price for your satisfaction. Moreover, the extra thickness of this pad will work great on various surfaces. The rubber base makes your mouse absolutely non-slip on different types of surfaces. The denser texture and shading keep this mouse pad attached to the desktop.

High pressure and temperature treatment enable excellent wear-resistant power also there will no deformation. Furthermore, the slick fabric and super smooth surface offer easy mouse movement that you find most in a gaming mouse pad. The liquid stains allow you to clean this mouse pad with water and the design or color never becomes faded if you use it regularly.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multiple print options and high-quality material.
  • Enhanced precision with a smooth surface.
  • Anti-fade and easy to clean.

8. Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad Christian Bible Verses

This gorgeous mouse pad has a beautiful getup of floral design with bible quotes also available in several colors to make a boring workday refreshing. Moreover, the super-smooth surface of this pad gives you a satisfactory mouse movement. It has a sturdy construction of soft material which makes your wrist comfortable during work or play.

The color and design will not fade anymore after a few washes. Furthermore, it uses a superb non-slip rubber at the under surface which gives this pad a perfect grip so it never slips out from the desktop. The vibrant colors of this mouse pad attract you very much also it ensures you that it is very easy to maintain and cleans with no fading issue.

Reasons To Buy

  • Unique design and safe to use materials.
  • Comfortable to use and wide compatibility.
  • Non-slip rubber and smooth surface.


7. Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad Vintage Hand Drawn


This mouse pad offers an extra-large surface so you can move the mouse freely also smooth texture gives you an easy and excellent mouse movement experience. Moreover, the rubber grip technology prevents this mouse pad and your mouse from slipping. No more say that your hand or wrist never feels hard due to the smooth surface and soft material of this mouse pad.

The stitched edge of these pads increases its longevity also allows you to wash it worry-freely. Furthermore, this brand offers you 20 more colors along with a vintage floral design that attracts you, for sure. This mouse pad can fulfill all needs of a gamer with its soft material, smooth surface, and rubber grip which makes it more convenient to use than usual mouse pads.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Multiple prints and high-quality material.
  • Easy to use and ultra-smooth surface.
  • Gripped based and comfortable for hands.

6. Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad African Women- Best Custom Gaming Mouse Pads


This branded mouse pad is available in 23 colors and design at a pocket-friendly price which lets you choose your mouse pad according to your desk color or interior of room or office. This brand ensures that it will last long also the colors and design never become faded. Moreover, you can gift this pad to your family members, beloved ones, or friends and they will love it most.

Not only the style but also it can fulfill your all needs which you will find in a good gaming mouse pad. Furthermore, the ultra-soft material makes your wrist comfortable during work or play; while the smooth texture offering a fast and easy mouse movement. While playing, your mouse or mouse pad never slip out as it has a non-slip rubber base at the under-surface. It will work great for all types of mouse.

Reasons To Buy

  • Soft and comfortable materials.
  • Non-slip design and easy to use.
  • Vibrant color and print options.

5. Smooffly Motivational Custom Gaming Mouse Pads


While searching for a gaming mouse pad, you will want a soft material with a smooth surface for your comfort and this mouse pad gives you the same features. It has a sturdy construction of very soft cloth material which proves the superb longevity also makes your hand comfortable. Moreover, the texture of the upper surface of this mouse pad is ultra-smooth which lets you play or work smoothly and firstly.

You will get the same superb result for all types of mouse. Furthermore, at the undersurface, it uses a super rubber which firmly grips this mouse pad and makes it superb non-slip. This printed mouse pad offers motivational quotes with a mature color combination also overcomes the common color fading issue after few washes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Inspirational quotes and vibrant colors.
  • Wide surface and non-slip design.
  • Firm grip and easy to use.

4. Smooffly Gaming Mouse Pad Cute Baby Sloth- Best Custom Gaming Mouse Pads


This is another best-selling mouse pad of the ‘smoothly’ brand and here it prints a lovely baby sloth picture with a floral frame which makes this mouse pad more lovable than boring usual mouse pads. This brand also offers you various color combinations and designs to choose your mouse pad with your office or room’s interior. Moreover, it provides all features which a professional gaming mouse pad has such as a smooth surface, non-slip base, and soft material.

Not only the material is ultra-soft, but it is also environment-friendly too. The soft material and the smooth surface make your wrist comfortable as usual also enables smooth mouse movement. Like other gaming mouse pads, it uses a non-slip rubber as a base under the surface of this pad to give this pad enough grip. Furthermore, it provides an extra-large surface for free mouse movement.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight design and perfect for all mouse types.
  • Firm grip on the back for stability.
  • Comfortable to use and wide surface.

3. Wknoon Custom Design Gaming Mouse Pad


This gaming mouse pad is of top quality material that lasts for a long time also protects your mouse sensor from debris and scratches. It offers all features of professional gaming mouse pads at your pocket-friendly price. The perfect size of this mouse pad lets you move your mouse freely. Moreover, the smooth surface of silky cloth helps you to move your mouse smoothly so you can control your mouse firstly during work or play.

The super gripping technology of the rubber base makes this mouse pad non-slip so it does not create any slipping problem when you are moving the mouse on it. The eco-friendly comfortable material does not create any irritation also makes your wrist comfortable. Furthermore, it comes with various attractive designs and different vibrant colors which make it unique from other boring one colored mouse pads.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Rubber base and silky cloth surface.
  • Unique patterns with vibrant colors.
  • Non-slip undersurface and easy maintenance.

2. Wknoon Vintage Floral Custom Gaming Mouse Pads


The practical round shape does not occupy too much space of your computer desk but also allows you to move the mouse freely as you want. As usual, it can fulfill all needs of professional gamers with advanced features. Moreover, it uses eco-friendly material for making these pads that are enough durable too.

The silky cloth material makes it easy to control the mouse also makes your wrist comfortably. Furthermore, this mouse pad never skids from the desk, while moving the mouse rapidly due to the rubber base. This floral printed mouse pad offers an amazing round shape which makes it unique from other mousepads also offers more than 40 colors at a reasonable price to satisfy the needs of all customers.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • Silky cloth surface with rubber base.
  • Different print options with vibrant colors.

1. SoloQ Custom Professional Gaming Mouse Pad


This gaming mouse pad offers all advanced features along with a professional design and getup. The extra-large size of this pad allows you to keep the mouse and keyboard both conveniently. Moreover, the sturdy construction enhances more stability than usual sleek printed mousepads. A thick rubber base also enables a sturdy grip; so you can place this mouse pad on any type of surface without any hesitation.

The smooth surface will be most effective for optical and laser both types of gaming mouse. It helps you to win an online gaming competition easily. The ultra-smooth texture provides a speedy mouse movement also lets you control the mouse rapidly. Furthermore, the beautiful curvy stitches at the edges enable excellent protection against peeling, fraying, and curling.

Reasons To Buy 

  • The large in size and suitable for all mouse types.
  • Meticulous accuracy and stitched edges.
  • Simple profile with aesthetic design.


A mouse pad is a must-have product for any game enthusiast. Consider all the important factors like surface, non-slip back, easy cleaning, and durability when you decide to get one. If you are looking to have a fancy mouse pad, then you can easily for the one that comes with RGB lighting. You will also have to consider the size, which allows you to freely move your mouse when indulging in a competitive game. There are various types of beautiful and customized designs available to choose from.

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