Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars in 2022

People are very different that is why there are a variety of exercise styles and tools available today. One of the top 15 best free standings pull up bars in 2022 provide good results for those people who like to work up a sweat when they exercise.

These pull up bars are strong, easy to use, and provide you with a variety of exercise options to help you develop your upper body. Yours looking good and in top health is its business.

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15. XMark Commercial Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

15.XMark Commercial Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar XM-9025

Once you attach this wall mounted pull up bar to your studs, it will be ready to help you develop your upper muscles. With multiple hand grips, you can target different muscles and make sure you are well developed.

In addition to that, the 48 inches pull up bar works on stud walls measuring 24 and 16 on center. Then its knurled grips make sure your sweaty hands do not slip off mid pull or chin up.

Also, the welded unit is strong and should hold your weight without complaint. After a few regular workouts, you should see the difference. It does weigh about 50 pounds so you may need help attaching it to your wall.


14.Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Pullup Bar Wall Mount - Chin Up Bar - Pull Up Bars and Dip Bar - Pullup and Dip Bar - Dip Station Pull Bar - Pullup Bars Outdoor

Get into top shape by using this upgraded pull-up bar. Its multiple workout stations also come with padded areas so you do not hurt yourself as you do your exercises. Plus, the pull-up portion extends 20 inches from the wall.

Then with its compact size, you should be able to find the perfect workout spot for you and it. It should fit most stud walls with ease whether those walls are in the basement, garage, or other rooms of your house.

Once you get it up, this pulls up bar will support up to 440 pounds. 8 foam-covered grip positions provide you with a lot of exercise options. Your hands should be comfortable as you do your workout.

13. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

13.Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

Here is a wall-mounted pull-up bar for those who like to do simple exercise routines to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can slide it into place and attach it to those 16 on center studs with ease. Once you have it up, you can start exercising.

Plus, its angle shaped allows you to change positions quickly. You can target those muscles you want to be developed with ease. After you set this bar in place, you will have about 4 1/4 inch space between the bar and the wall.

All the hardware you need to install is included in the box along with complete instructions. It won’t take long to get back into shape once you get this pull up bar in the right spot.

12. Iron Age Pull Up Bar

12.Iron Age Pull up Bar Doorway Portable No Crews Zero Assembly Free Standing Wall Mounted Indoor Workouts Smart Hook Technology US Patent Invention

2 hooks and 2 plastic sleeves are all it takes to hold this wall mounted pull up bar in place. After you get the sleeves in place, the two hooks hold on tight without using screws, bolts, or nails.

After you get the pull-up bar in the right spot, protective pads make sure your door and wall are thoroughly protected from damage. The upper bar is 6 inches higher than the lower giving taller people more room to exercise without folding their knees.

Also, this pulls up bar is compatible with doorways measuring between 28 to 36 inches approx. It will hold about 440 pounds of weight if installed correctly. Just about anyone can use this pull up bar safely.

11. ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Doorway Mount Pull Up

11.ProsourceFit Heavy Duty Doorway Mount Pull Up Chin-Up Bar, Adjustable with Foam Grips for Home Workouts

Simply pull up bars for those people who like simple things. This is a traditional designed pull up a par that fits easily in doorways measuring between 24 and 39 inches wide.

After you get it up and ready to go, the chrome-plated finish should not detract from your room’s decor. Also, you get a top-notch pull-up bar that can hold up to 220 pounds at one time.

Plus, there are foam grips to keep your hands in place without causing them any discomfort. You can work out for long periods of time without ruining your hands. Exercising does not have to be complicated when you want to stay in some sort of good and healthy shape.

10. Perfect Basic Pull Up Progression Bar

10.Perfect Basic Pullup, Pull Up Progression Bar

One thing about a good pull up bar, it should have exercise options. This adjustable bar does have options and it allows you to customize your workout to fit your fitness level. Plus, it fits most door frames measuring between 27 and 36 inches wide.

Once you have it in place, you can do traditional exercises or choose to do more unique ones that target specific muscle groups. The choice is yours in how you use this pull up bar.

Also, its 3 fitness stages go from beginner to advanced in seconds. You get the work out you want even after you have left the beginner stage. This bar should hold a maximum of 220 pounds without breaking out in a sweat.

9. Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Pull Up Bar- Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

9.Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press

Develop your upper body by using the 3 to 4 grip positions built into this top of the line pull up bar. You can get into shape fast by switching grips. Plus, your hands should not slip off the foam grips even if they start to sweat.

In addition to that, this pulls up bar mounts to the joists in your floor or ceiling. 4 bolts are all that is needed to keep this pull up bar in place and very secure. You can work out without fear knowing you and your body are safe.

On top of that, the 42” inch bar should hold your weight with ease.

8. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Free Standing Pull Up Bars

8.Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar with Elevated Bar & Adjustable Width

The multiple grip locations built into this pull up bar make sure your exercise routines go beyond advanced and into the professional realm. You can develop a lot of muscle without having to leave your home to go to the gym.

Once in place, the foam grips protect your hand while giving you maximum opportunities to target different muscles. Plus, it fits into a variety of doorways measuring between 24 and 38 inches wide.

After you get this pull up bar installed, it should hold about 300 pounds without a problem. Your exercise routines should also go off without a hitch and your body should look better in no time at all.

7. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar- Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

7.Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System, Sport

Good exercise depends on having a variety of routines to help you get your whole body into top shape. This top-quality pull-up bar does that by providing you with at least 4 grip locations.

These grips; locations allow you to vary your workouts and make sure your body develops as you want. Plus, they are foam-padded to make sure your hands do not get sore or hurt throughout your exercise time.

Then its 300-pound weight limit and ability to fit doorways measuring between 27 and 35 inches wide make sure you get the work out of a lifetime. Just remember that results take time.

6. j/fit Deluxe Doorway Free Standing Pull Up Bars

6.j fit Deluxe Multi Exercise Doorway Pull-Up Bar with Comfort Grips - LONGEST LENGTH BAR AVAILABLE 40 WIDE. (Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Push-ups, Sit-ups, and

You can’t beat simplicity when you want to get a lot of muscles developed over time. This pull up bar is simply designed and it installs simply. All the hardware is included as are the instructions.

After you get it installed, it will fit most doorways up to 40 inches wide, you can use the 2 hand grips in a variety of ways to get your muscles where you want them. The foam grips keep your hands steady and comfortable so you can concentrate on your exercises.

Even though it is a simple pull up bar, it can still hold about 300 pounds at a time.

5. Yes4All Doorway Pull Up Bar

5.Yes4All Doorway Pull Up BarChin Up Bar Over The Door for Home Gym, Enhance Upper Body Strength - Pull Up Bar On The Door - Support to 300 Lbs (Cxp New

Here is a top pull up bar for those who are into hardcore exercises that develop their arms, shoulders, core muscles, and more. It provides you with many different stations so you get an overall workout every time you use it.

Made from heavy-gauge steel, this pull-up bar will hold about 300 pounds give or take 10 pounds or so,. Plus, it comes with foam grips so you do not have to worry about your hands throughout your workout.

Also, the 5 grip position pull up bar fits most doorways falling between the 28 to 33 inch wide markers. It is a great bar for building your upper body.

4. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

4.Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System, Original

Get the exercise you want once you install this top of the line pull up bar in one of your doorways. It has multiple grip stations to ensure to make sure you use that 27 to 35 doorway to its fullest exercise potential.

On top of that, after you get this pull up bar where you want it, it will handle about 300 pounds of weight at any one time. There are at least 3 foam-padded grip positions you can utilize to begin or continue your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to that, anyone can use this handy pull up bar to get into shape. Even teenagers can develop their bodies if they want to.

3. Stamina Door Gyms- Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

3.Stamina Door Gyms

This uniquely designed pull up bar will look good in your home. It is not a traditional design but it is made to help you develop those muscles you want to make stronger. Made from steel, it has the strength and durability to handle your workout sessions with ease.

There is some assembly required but it doesn’t take long to do. Soon you will have that pull up bar and rearing to go. With multiple hands and finger grip positions, you can strengthen your fingers, wrists, arms, and more.

This pulls up bar is here to serve you and your exercise needs. Foam pads make sure your hands are not uncomfortable throughout your workout time.

2. Iron Gym Workout Bar

2.Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

People jog to help their legs and cardio stay in fine shape. But you cannot forget your upper body. That is what this handy pull up bar does. It helps you develop your upper body so it keeps up with your cardio and legs.

Also, the three foam padded grip positions make sure your hands are comfortable as you go through your routines. Plus, you can target different muscle groups so your upper body is ready for action.

All you need is a doorway that measures between 24 and 33 inches wide. Once that is found, you can have a great workout any time day or night.

1. ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up

1.Prosource Fit Multi-Grip Chin-Up Pull-Up Bar, Heavy Duty Doorway Trainer for Home Gym

For those who are just beginning their workouts or those who have been doing these types of exercises already, this pulls up bar is for you. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced fitness person, this pull up bar has the grip positions to help you.

After it is installed in a 24 to 36-inch doorway, this pulls up the bar will hold about 300 pounds and give that person a great workout. Once you install it, you can add protective handles to keep your door frames from receiving any damage during your workout time.

The durable steel construction material has this pull up bar lasting you for many years.


No matter how you like to exercise one of the top 15 best free standings pull-up bars in 2022 can be of some service to you. They help you develop your upper body through regular workouts.

Just remember to be patient. Good muscle development takes time and does not happen overnight. You need to work at it and these top pull up bars are the right tools to handle that task.

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