Best Gaming Mouses in 2022

A specialized mouse, especially for gaming purposes, will let you have better control. Not just for gaming, you can use it for all purposes. PC gamers must have a gaming mouse that will allow them to perform better during a competitive game.

Apart from arriving in different shapes and sizes, a gaming mouse has many other advanced features that will meet your gaming needs. You will have to know some of the important features including sensors and ease of use when you look out for a gaming mouse. The following is the list of the top 15 best gaming mouses in 2022.

List of Best Gaming Mouses in 2022

15. Redragon RGB LED Mouse


With five adjustable DPI levels, this gaming mouse is perfect for everyday use. This is very durable and comes with an RGB backlight. Moreover, it has five memory profiles and lets your program the buttons to your advantage. Additionally, this has a weight tuning set of eight pieces and lets you change the weight according to your needs.

The mouse provides you comfort due to its aggressive design and lets you have better control. Furthermore, this comes in a stylish design and has durable feet pads. You can easily use it in different operating systems and comes with a USB connector of 6 feet in length.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Adjustable DPI levels and high-end design.
  • Easy to program buttons with RGB backlighting.
  • Wide compatibility and smooth feet pads.

14. TeckNet Hypertrak Laser Gaming Mouse


Allowing you to program the mouse according to your needs, this is high accuracy. The gaming mouse has customizable light colors, and you can easily adjust the DPI profiles. Additionally, this is perfect for low-sense computer gamers as it allows you to use it on different types of surfaces.

Moreover, this comes with an unconventional weight tuning system and includes a braided USB cable. This is in a comfortable design and lets you react quickly. Furthermore, you can easily use it with most types of operating systems and select from ten programmable buttons.

Reasons To Buy

  • Programmable buttons and DPI levels.
  • Weight tuning system for smooth play style.
  • Optimized grip points and claw grip design.

13. HIRALIY Programmable Gaming Mouse


Here is a gaming mouse that will completely enhance your gaming experience and lets you hold it with ease. This has various functions including seven programmable buttons and is compatible with most of the operating systems. Additionally, it lets you adjust from five DPI settings that let you have precise control.

Furthermore, you can easily identify the DPI mode due to its lighting, and is perfect for daily work. Moreover, this has twelve backlighting modes that give you a perfect gaming atmosphere. The mouse is very suitable for right-handed users and comes in an ergonomic design.

Reasons To Buy

  • Detailed control with adjustable levels of DPI.
  • Advanced gaming chip and backlighting.
  • Ergonomic design with a long cable.

12. Logitech RGB Wired Gaming Mouse


Available in two different colors, the gaming mouse comes in a classic design and has the feature of advanced button tensioning. This has a quick response making it ideal for computer gaming users. Moreover, this is durable and provides you with a comfortable experience.

The gaming mouse will let you connect to different types of OS and comes with a USB port. Furthermore, this has a cutting-edge dpi sensor, which provides you better control. It will let you play faster with its advanced performance and have precise targets. You can use it for different purposes and reduces the need for a consistent click.

Reasons To Buy 

  • High accuracy with trailblazing dpi sensor.
  • Advanced button tensioning for reduced clicks.
  • Classic design and better control.

11. Redragon COBRA Gaming Mouse


Equipped with professional programming software, this gaming mouse lets you adjust from five DPI settings. With it, you can have precise control and make sure you have a customized function. Moreover, this will let you match the demands of the gameplay and select from seven programmable buttons.

Additionally, this has RGB LED lighting that lets you have superior productivity. This will meet all your gaming needs, and you can even use it for everyday use. Furthermore, you can easily select from five memory profiles and play computer games in a perfect atmosphere. It is compatible with a range of operating systems.

Reasons To Buy

  • Professional gaming software for high productivity.
  • Wide compatibility and multiple programmable buttons.
  • RGB LED backlighting for the ambient atmosphere.

10. VersionTECH RGB Gaming Mouse


This gaming mouse comes in an attractive design and lets you choose from different colors. It has multiple DPI options and is in an ergonomic shape. Moreover, this is very easy to use and comes with the feature of plug-n-play. Additionally, this goes with a range of operating systems and has an adjustable fast scroll wheel.

You can easily insert in a USB port and conveniently enjoy your gameplay. Furthermore, this is made of skin-friendly material and lets you use it on a wide range of surfaces. It also has RGB backlighting and comes with a reinforced connection.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Ergonomic shape with RGB backlighting.
  • Easy to operate and quick set up.
  • Precise tracking and high sensitivity.

9. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouses


With an ability to provide you with maximum accuracy, here is a gaming mouse that has many features. This has durable switches that can last up to 50 million clicks. Moreover, this has a high-precision sensor and allows you to adjust with its DPI buttons. It has customizable RGN color profiles, which comes with preset profiles.

Additionally, you will find a rubberized scroll wheel and tactile bumps that provide you with a better grip. The seven programmable buttons are perfect for button remapping and allow macro functions. Furthermore, it goes with different operating systems and has an easy setup.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Ridged scroll wheel for perfect accuracy.
  • High precision and extremely durable.
  • Button remapping for complex functions.

8. CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB – FPS Gaming Mouses

8..CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB - FPS Gaming Mouse - 12,000 DPI Optical Sensor - Adjustable DPI Sniper Button - Tunable Weights - Black

This gaming mouse has a high accuracy sensor, which is perfect for computer gaming users. This has an aluminum body and is lightweight in design. Moreover, this has optimal mass distribution and is very durable. In this, you will find the feature of a weight tuning system that matches your play style.

Furthermore, this has eight buttons and lets you customize each button. The mouse has reliable performance and lets you program with double macros. Additionally, this comes with custom RGB lighting and has precise responsiveness. You can position it according to your preference and configure it to your advantage.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Enhanced button positioning for reliability.
  • Weight tuning system with high responsiveness.
  • Optimal mass distribution and lightweight design.

7. UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouses

7.UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired, 16400 DPI High Precision Laser Programmable MMO Computer Gaming Mice

Here is a gaming mouse, which comes in an ergonomic design and lets you use it with ease. In this, you will find a special switch button that lets you have maximum efficiency. Moreover, this comes with a braided cable wire of 6 feet and has LED RGB colors.

Additionally, this has multiple programmable buttons and lets you choose from five custom profiles. This is perfect for any computer game enthusiast and provides you many options. Furthermore, this includes a weight tuning set and offers you amazing gaming control. It provides you with a firm grip with its frosted painting outward.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Durable feet pads for better control.
  • Multiple buttons and breathing LED.
  • High precision and ergonomic design.

6. Redragon Gaming Mouses Wired


Allowing you to have total control of the buttons, this one comes with a weight tuning set. The gaming mouse 18 programmable buttons and includes RGB backlighting. Moreover, it comes in a customizable design making it perfect for gaming purposes.

Furthermore, this is comfortable to use and has smooth movements. It has a perfectly balanced weight and comes with the feature of high-speed motion detection. Additionally, it has an advanced tracking system and includes a low pass filter braided cable. With it, you will have ultimate gaming control with its smooth feet pads and is compatible with different operating systems.

Reasons To Buy

  • Weight tuning set and ergonomic shape.
  • Customizable design and breathing light modes.
  • Hi-speed motion detection for accuracy.

5. Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouses


Available in wireless design, this gaming mouse has a powerful battery life of 250 hours. It comes with many different features and has high accuracy. This has a durable structure and includes 11 programmable buttons. Furthermore, this is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and has long-life buttons.

Moreover, this is power-saving and lets you enjoy lag-free gaming. It has onboard memory and comes with adjusting and shift DPI. Additionally, this runs on two AA batteries and lets you remove one to get perfect weight. You will also find sensor control with high accuracy and delivers impressive performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Wireless design and high capacity battery.
  • Easy to set up and wide compatibility.
  • Lag-free and high accuracy.

4. Redragon Ergonomic Wired Gaming Mouses


Allowing you to have ultimate control, the gaming mouse has five memory profiles. Additionally, it has five programmable buttons and lets you make various DPI level adjustments. This comes with an anti-skid scroll wheel and includes a braided cable of 6 feet. Moreover, this is made of durable ABS plastic and includes programmable side buttons.

You can easily connect it to different operating systems, and it includes all the accessories that allow you to use it instantly. Furthermore, it has a contoured body and smooth feet, which gives you ultimate gaming control. This is easy to set up and has red backlighting.

Reasons To Buy 

  • LED color options and ergonomic shape.
  • Skid-free scroll wheel for easy usage.
  • Five memory profiles and a contoured body.

3. PICTEK Chroma RGB Backlit Gaming Mouses


Equipped with many advanced features, this will let you perform great in your computer game. The gaming mouse is skin-friendly and lets you use it for longer hours. It comes in an ergonomic design and includes programmable buttons. Moreover, you will find the feature of chroma RGB lighting and easily shut off the backlight. Additionally, it has an impressive sensor that lets you easily switch it according to the game needs.

This is also resistant to sweat and fingerprint and is an ideal product for casual gamers. Furthermore, this has an adjustable polling rate, and you can easily select from five DPI levels. This has impressive performance and allows you to customize it according to your advantage.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Chroma RCB backlight and easy setup.
  • Skin-friendly design for extended use.
  • Adjustable polling rate with a claw grip.

2. PICTEK Breathing Light Gaming Mouses


Available in an ergonomic design, this gaming mouse has amazing performance. In this, you will find two DPI buttons, which provide consistent responsiveness. It allows you to adjust the DPI and has an adjustable polling rate. Moreover, you can easily program all the buttons of the mouse and use it according to your comfort.

Furthermore, this is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and is perfect for various game controls. The mouse comes in a claw-grip design and is resistant to sweat. Additionally, it is anti-fingerprint and lets you use it without fatigue. This is a reliable product and is ideal for any computer game player. It will provide you with higher precision and has a spectrum of 16 million colors.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Sweat-resistant for a smooth hold.
  • Comfortable design and high-quality material.
  • Consistent responsiveness DPI buttons.

1. Logitech Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouses


Ideal for gaming purposes, the mouse comes with a cable of 6 feet long. In this, you will find an advanced optical sensor that gives maximum accuracy. Moreover, this has custom game profiles and allows you to reposition the weight. It will let you customize the RGB lighting, and you can easily use it for other purposes. Additionally, this is perfect for right-handed people and it is easy to click.

It has a free-spinning scroll wheel, and you can easily unlock the free scroll with the push of a button. Furthermore, you can easily tilt it to the left and right and lets you re-program it. You will also find three lighting effects and is easy to use. It is easy to set up and is in an ergonomic design.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Extra-long cable and tunable RGB.
  • Lightweight design and repositionable weights.
  • Advanced optical sensor for high accuracy.


While buying a gaming mouse, you will have to always see if it will let you use it with ease. Apart from function and comfort, you can easily get a sporty look by having a gaming mouse with LED lighting. A gaming mouse that comes with LED lighting will create a perfect atmosphere to enjoy your game and makes you perform better during any kind of gaming challenge.

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