Best Ice Tongs in 2022

Don’t use your fingers​ to get ice. Unless you wash all the time, you do not know what kind of germs you are passing on to your or your guests’ bodies. What you need to handle ice properly is one of the top 12 best ice tongs in 2022.

These tongs make sure you and your guests get nothing but pure ice. They also make grabbing the ice a lot easier. Your fingers won’t get cold and you shouldn’t drop any to the floor. You can grab those slippery pieces of ice with ease.

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12. USATDD Stainless Steel Ice Tong

12.2 Pack Stainless Steel Ice Tongs 5.9 Inches (15 cm),Set of 2

These mirrors finished ice tongs come two to a pack. That gives you a spare just in case you lose one. Their polished finish has the tongs looking their best and keeps the stainless steel construction material from damage.

Although they are made from tough and durable materials, it is recommended that you hand wash them instead of putting them in your dishwasher. This lengthens their lifespan and keeps them working for you for a long time. You can wash them in the dishwasher but do not expect them to last long.

Then the teeth on these ice tongs are made at an angle to give you the right grip on those slippery ice cubes. They are easy to use and you should not drop your ice until you let them go over your glass. They are small enough to be used anywhere.

11. Boao 10 Pieces Ice Tong

11.Boao 10 Pieces Ice Tong Pom Tongs Sugar Tongs Stainless Steel Mini Tongs for Party Kitchen Serving and Cooking

You are going to get a lot of choice and variety in how you serve your ice. This set comes with 10 ice tongs to be used at your leisure. Made from stainless steel, these ice tongs are strong and good looking. They are also rust-resistant.

No matter what you need to serve, there is a tong in this set to do the job. Pickles, sugar cubes, olives, and more are no match when these tongs are on the job. Picking up ice is easier than ever with the angled teeth on each side of the tong. All of these items are easy and safe to use.

Just clean them right and germs and bacteria will not get a foothold on these tongs. Read the package to get any cleaning information you need to know. These tongs come in a variety of sizes.

10. TRUSBER Ice Tongs for Ice Bucket

10.TRUSBER Ice Tongs for Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel Food Serving Tongs, with Claw Grip Teeth 6.7 Inches Perfect for Block Ice Sugar Cubes Bar Hotel Home

The spring-loaded handle makes these tongs very simple and easy to operate. The spring should help the bounce back so your hands do not have to do all the work. Plus, they are plastic and BPA free. Your healthy lifestyle will be enhanced once you start using these ice tongs.

Then the stainless steel construction materials come with little teeth all around the head. That means you get a better grip on the ice and the tongs should not let go prematurely. Also, they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and resists rust.

Measuring almost 7 inches long, almost any hand can grab and use these tongs without issue. These are perfect tongs for the kitchen or your home bar set up. Plus, you can use them on picnics or other public outings.

9. Gejoy 12 Pack Ice Tong

9.Gejoy 12 Pack Sugar Tongs Ice Tongs Stainless Steel Mini Serving Tongs Appetizers Tongs Small Kitchen Tongs for Tea Party Coffee Bar Kitchen (Silver)

In this set of 12, you have a tong for every cooking and serving situation. Not only do they handle ice, but they can pick up pickles, olives, sugar cubes, and more with ease. The little spoon design grabs on to your item and does not let go until you do. What you use them for is up to you.

Each one measures just over 4 inches long and those with larger than average hand sizes should only use their fingertips to grab the tongs. It is nice to have spare tongs around the house just in case one or more gets lost or damaged.

Made from stainless steel, you get a set of tongs that are strong and durable. Under normal treatment, they should last you a long time. Cleaning can be done by either hand-washing or by your dishwasher. The choice is yours to make.

8. SOLEADER Ice Tong

8.SOLEADER Ice Tongs, Pom Tongs,7 Inch Kitchen Tongs, Small Serving Tongs, Food-Grade Premium 304 Stainless Steel Tongs, Heavy Duty, Pack of 4 (7inch Ice Tongs)

These nicely crafted ice tongs are made to grab your ice and not let go until it is time to do so. Plus, they are made from stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. This makes using them nice and safe. They are very safe to use for food and ice.

Polished to a mirror finish, these ice tongs retain their youthful appearance even after aging a few years. Their handle design is made to fit your hand comfortably and make it easier for you to maintain your grip on your ice cubes. On top of all that, you can use this set of tongs on a variety of small food items.

Cleaning is not a difficult chore as these ice togs are dishwasher safe. Their plain Jane look enables you or your dishwasher to remove all germs and bacteria that have found their way onto these tongs.

7. Adcraft Stainless Steel Claw-Style Ice Tong

7.Adcraft TBL-7 Stainless Steel Claw-Style Ice Tongs, 8 Overall Length

The textured handles on this pair of ice tongs help your fingers hold on to that ice cube you wanted. Your hands should not slip throughout the process of transferring the ice to your glass. It measures 8 inches in length, giving you enough room to hold the tongs. Even if you have large hands.

Their stainless steel construction material keeps rust and corrosion away. They will look good for years without losing any of their strength. Also, they are hard to bend out of shape. This pair of ice tongs should last you a long time under normal use.

The heads are shaped like bird feet. This helps you get a better grip on your ice cubes. The tines are curved to make sure you have a solid grip. Like all other ice tongs, these are dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean.

6. BIGSUNNY 7 inches Ice Tong

6.BIGSUNNY 7 inches Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel Cube Sugar Tongs, Durable

The heads on this pair of ice tongs have serrated edges. These little teeth provide you with a sure grip when you use them to grab another ice cube. Measuring 7 inches long, there should be no excuse to have a poor grip on your intended item. Dropping your ice before it reaches your glass should be a thing of the past.

The stainless steel construction ensures that under normal use you won’t have to buy another pair of tongs for a long time. The highly polished surface also has these tongs looking worthy of being part of your best china setting you place on your table.

After you have finished using the tongs for the night, they are not hard to clean and get germ free. The dishwasher can do the task for you or you can spend a few moments hand washing them.

5. Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tong

5.Bonny Bar Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

What sets these ice tongs apart from the rest is their overall design. A rubber locking mechanism is placed at the top of the tongs to make sure they remain closed when not in use. This mechanism protects the teeth as well as saves space in your storage drawer.

In addition to that little feature, you get little rubber handles to make sure these tongs do not slip from your grasp. These grips are not hard on your hands but they make sure you do not lose what you are grabbing.

Then the stainless steel construction allows for serrated teeth to be added. These teeth go all the way around the head to make sure you hang on to your ice cube securely. Also, the stainless steel design keeps these tongs looking good, rust-free, and good to look at for many years.

4. Outset Stainless Steel Ice Tong

4.Outset B242 Stainless Steel Ice Tongs, 8 inches,

All ice tongs are not made the same. That is seen in how this pair is designed. Its oval ‘hands’ are inset from the edge to give you better hold on your ice. They also have serrated edges so that the tongs do not let go at the wrong time. You should get a good grip each and every time you use these ice tongs.

After you have used these tongs for a few years, you will be amazed at how good they look. That is because of the stainless steel construction material. Stainless steel looks good all the time and remains durable even after years of normal use.

Their 8-inch length gives you plenty of reaches when the ice cubes are not right in front of you. Dishwasher safe you can keep these tongs nice and clean no matter how you use them.

3. Fred COLD FINGERS Mitten Ice Tong

3.Fred COLD FINGERS Mitten Ice Tongs

The colorful mitten design on these ice tongs is a cute twist. They look good, provide a little humor to ice grabbing and help you look creative. They are perfect when your dinner party is not formal. The tongs are also good to look at as well.

The mittens are made from silicone and the rest of the tongs are made from the standard stainless steel construction material. Once you purchase these tongs, you are getting a durable ice tool to use while bringing a slight smile to your guest’s face.

Plus, the mitten silicone construction material is food safe. You can use these ice tongs to pick up hot finger foods as well as cold ones. All in all, you are spicing up the look of your dinner party when you purchase this set of ice tongs. The only thing to be aware of is that they may not hold the ice for very long.

2. OXO Steel Ice Tong

2.OXO 1058008 SteeL Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

The locking method on this pair of ice tongs is easy to use. Just use your thumb and press down. That should keep the tongs closed until they are needed again. This mechanism will protect the tongs from damage and save drawer storage space.

Also, the rubberized grips should have these tongs remaining in your hands all the time you are using them. The no-slip nature helps your grip remain firm until you are ready to drop the ice into your glass. The handles are also comfortable to grab and hold on to.

Once you get the tongs over the ice cube you are after, the serrated teeth take over. The teeth do not lose their grip until you tell them to. The durability of these ice tongs are second to none and should last you for a long time under normal use.

1. Jaf Gifts Silver Plated Ice Tong

1.Elegance Silver 86242 Silver Plated Ice Tongs, 7

These are not your everyday type of ice tongs. These tongs are silver plated and fit right in with your good china and silverware. They come in a 7-inch size so most people can use them with ease. The silver plate should keep them looking good for years.

While you can use them for everyday events, it might be better to save them for that special occasion. That way they will last longer and continue to look their best. Just don’t forget to polish them from time to time.

Plus, they come wonderfully designed to add a little elegance and class to your dining room table. In addition to that, these tongs are simply made and not difficult to use. You can’t go wrong when you turn to these ice tongs to handle the ice selection task.


Grabbing ice with your fingers can be a slippery task to perform. The ice cubes are constantly slipping out of your grasp and falling to the floors. That issue may be a thing of the past when you use one of the top 12 best ice tongs in 2022.

These tongs make selecting ice easier and can avoid embarrassing moments you are trying to avoid. Your table will look classier as well.

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