Best iPhone XS Max Cases in 2022

Protecting your iPhone just got more comfortable, as time goes by upgrades are always coming out to make life a little easier. Even something as simple as protecting your iPhone gets little updates to help you out. That is why the top 13 best iPhone XS max cases in 2022 exist.

These improved iPhone cases make sure that your phone remains protected even though they are not the same size or made of the same material as previous cases. Changing cases is a lot better than trying to replace your iPhone.

When you upgrade your case, you do not have to transfer a lot of valuable information to the new case. You slip the old case off and put the new one on.

Checkout our Best iPhone XS Max Cases in 2022

13. TOZO for iPhone Xs Max

13. TOZO for iPhone Xs Max Case 6.5 Inch (2018) Premium Clear Soft TPU Gel Ultra-Thin

The look of your phone may be necessary for you. That is why the makers f this case went to Germany and used imported materials to bring you a top-quality protective case. You get a beautiful case, and your iPhone remains protected.

Measuring only about 1.3 mm thick, you won’t lose a lot of pocket space when you place it on your phone. Plus, German engineering keeps the case clear at all times. You could say it stays crystal clear.

In addition to that, this case is resistant to shocks, tears, dust, scratches, and slips. It should stay in your hand even when your hands get a little tired. Plus, it covers all corners as it just snaps into place.

This protective case is for the XS max 6.5-inch model iPhone or the 2018 release.

12. Supcase iPhone Xs Max case


It may have a thin design, but that doesn’t stop it from protecting vital parts of your iPhone. Your camera lens and screen remain recessed protected against any damage that may come their way.

Plus, the polycarbonate and TPU construction materials are durable and should last you a long time. Once you snap this case into place, the transparent back cover continues to let the beauty of your phone shine through.

Then it has all the cutouts in all the right places. You won’t miss out on any phone action when this case is in its proper place. On top of that, it is a durable and robust case that should last you a long time under regular use. It only fits the XS max iPhone 6.5-inch size. Please do not try to make it match other iPhones.


11. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES SCREENLESS EDITION Case for iPhone Xs Max - Retail Packaging - BLACK

This protective case uses multiple protective strategies to keep your iPhone XS beautiful and safe. First, it has a solid inner liner to cushion any impacts the phone might receive.

Second, its soft outer shell is pleasant to touch, but that fact doesn’t take away its protective abilities. With all the cutouts where they should be, you still get clear access to your phone’s functions with ease.

Also, a belt clip accessory makes sure you do not lose your phone when you are going about your day. Then when you need to stop and watch a video, the clip changes into a kickstand.

Dust blockers cover your port openings and keep them nice and clean to prevent the dust-out. If you do not like all black, then one of the many other colorful designs may match your color preferences.

10.SUPCASE Full-Body Rugged Holster Case


An included kickstand makes watching videos a lot easier. You place the phone where you want it and pull out the kickstand. Then set it down. That is all there is to it.

Then to keep your video watching clear, a built-in screen protector lets your screen remain scratch-free and in top shape. Also, the case is very user-friendly. Not only can you watch videos easily, but you can also navigate the web without interference.

All your ports are fully protected by not blocked by this iPhone case. When you purchase this unit, you also get a rotating holster to make sure you have quick access to your phone.

To be clear, this protective case works with the Max XS 6 1/2 inch iPhone. It is specifically designed so that it can do a top-notch job.

9. i-Blason Full-Body Rugged Clear Bumper Case


Everyone knows that phones these days are made to do more than make and receive calls. They have so many other functions that it may be wrong to call them a phone. That is the right thing about this iPhone case.

It made in such a way that you do not lose access to all those other functions. The cutouts are where they should be, and your fingers are not blocked from using all your buttons, etc.

Then the TPU construction material acts like a bumper system protecting the corners of your phone. These bumpers also protect the phone’s sides and absorb most impacts and shocks that come their way.

In addition to that, a transparent back lets you take pictures and videos without hassles. The case works with the Max XS 2018 6.5 inch iPhone only.


8. OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone Xs Max - Retail Packaging - CLEAR

The purity of white helps add sophistication and class to your iPhone. This white case snaps into place and gives your phone a whole new look and attitude. Its one-piece design makes sure you can put it on and take it off without trouble.

Then just because it is white doesn’t mean it can’t do an excellent job at protecting your phone. This case is strong, durable, and resists bumps, scratches, and more. Your iPhone is fully protected from the issues that come it’s way.

Also, the slim design makes this protective case pocket-friendly. You do not have to empty your pockets to get it out or back in. Made from hardened polycarbonate materials, this case should be able to protect your phone for a long time. Or until you change phones. It is compatible with the Max XS series and has all the cutouts in the right spots.

7. X-Doria Defense Shield Series

7. X-Doria Defense Shield Series, iPhone Xs Max - Military Grade Drop Tested, Anodized Aluminum, TPU, and Polycarbonate Protective Case for Apple iPhone Xs Ma

When they say that this protective case is compatible with the Max XS series 6.5-inch size, they mean it. That is the only phone that this case will protect and keep safe. It will do that protection service up to 10-foot drops.

That means your phone is very protected. Unique bumpers on the corners handle the shock-absorbing tasks, keeping your phone safe from accidents that to do happen. Even though there is no screen or front cover protection, you still get raised edges to make sure all your essential functions are safe and sound.

All the cutouts manufacture adequated so you can continue to take those selfies to your heart’s content. This case snaps into place and starts its protective duties immediately.

6. i-Blason Full-Body Glitter Bumper Case


Glitter if done right and tastefully can brighten your day. This iPhone max XS case has the glitter tastefully done, and it should lighten your mood. After you get over its good looks, you snap it into place and start receiving excellent protection.

Once in place, this protective cover gives you 360-degree protection as well as keeping dirty fingerprints off. Then you get raised areas to make sure your camera lens will never threaten when the phone drops.

Plus, your front screen is protected by the same raised edge design. Nothing is too good to protect your screen from harm. With the screen protector in place, you do not lose any access to your functions or stored data. Your phone is protected under normal daily use and wear and tear.

5. TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone Xs Max Case

5. TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone Xs Max Case, Soft TPU Thin Cover Slim Gel Phone Case for iPhone Xs Max

iPhone XS Max phones need protection. That is why you have been given a choice in how yo protect that phone. This is a crystal clear case that does not hide the natural beauty your iPhone possesses.

The transparent back makes sure your phone’s colors will always be seen. Then its TPU construction provides you with a no-slip grip. Your phone should remain in your hands under normal activities.

Once you get the clear case on, it will not interfere with your picture and video time. It will provide excellent protection to your camera lens and make sure no damage gets to it. Made in Germany, this case is a product of top German engineering. It should not yellow as time passes. Plus, the cutouts are in the right places making sure you can use your phone like you always could.

4. Zizo Bolt Series

4. Zizo Bolt Series Compatible with iPhone Xs Max case Military Grade Drop Tested with Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Holster, Kickstand Black RED

This beautiful red and black protective case is something to look at. Not only do the colors show off your phone abilities, but it also makes you look fashionable and stylish. With a handy belt clip, you won’t leave your iPhone behind when you move to a new location.

Plus, the clip turns into a kickstand when you do not want to hold your phone anymore. With ten beautiful colors to choose from, you should find one that meets your color expectations with ease.

Then the slim design should not take up too much additional room. Then if you drop it, your phone should be protected when it lands as long as the drop doe snot go over 12 feet.

3. JETech Case for iPhone

3. JETech Case for iPhone Xs Max 6.5-Inch, Shock-Absorption Bumper Cover (HD Clear)

One principal duty a phone protection case has to perform is that it needs to prevent scratches. That is what this iPhone protective case does once you slip it into place. With the four corner bumpers, simple shocks and bumps are absorbed with ease.

Then raised edges to make sure that your screen and camera dens do not suffer any damage. You can drop your phone without worrying about harming it when this case is on the job.

Made with PC and TPU construction materials you know that this case will last you longer than other cases. Your speakers, camera, and other features will not be blocked from use as the cutouts are in their correct positions.

2. Trianium Clarium Case

2. Trianium Clarium Case Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018 6.5 Display ONLY) Reinforced Corner TPU Cushion and Hybrid Rigid Clear Back Plate Protection Covers

This case is made for the 6 1/2 inch Max XS iPhone. That means you get ultimate protection once you put it into place. Two layers are built-in in this case to make sure your phone remains fully protected.

Normal bumps, drops, scratches, and more are no match for this case. Then the slim design makes sure you can fit it in a crowded pocket without removing other items. The clear color design makes sure that everyone can see the color of your phone with ease.

Made from tough construction materials this case is strong, durable, and able to handle daily life without breaking a sweat. Raised edges add to the protective features found in this case.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone Xs MAX Case (2018) - Matte Black

You may think that if you have seen one protective case you have seen them all. That is until you see this model. This case is designed to protect against yellowing. This feature makes sure your phone’s colorful design is not marred by corruption.

Then the air cushion technology ensures that normal bumps and drops do not hurt your iPhone. Your case is receiving top-quality protection all the time. N addition to this, you get all the cutouts in the right places.

You won’t lose access to your phone’s features or memory. Your selfies can be taken on schedule and without hassle. Go with the best to make sure your phone remains fully protected.


You spend a lot of money on your iPhone. It makes sense to keep them protected with one of the top 13 iPhone XS Max cases in 2022. to keep your phone from breaking turns to the best to get the job done right.

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