Best Leaf Rakes in 2022

The leaves will eventually fall but they certainly look grand when they are on their trees. Whether it is spring, summer, or fall, you need to use one of the top 12 best leaf rakes in 2022 to clear your lawn of leaves and other debris.

When you want the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, you turn to the top-rated leaf rakes to get the job done. These rakes are strong and durable and will capture all the mess ruining the look of your yards. Nothing but the best should do for you. Using the right tools sends everyone a message that you care about your property and your family.

Checkout Best Leaf Rakes in 2022

12. Justdolife Leaf Rake

12. Justdolife Leaf Rake Retractable Heavy Duty Metal Garden Rake

When you need a good leaf rake to clean up your lawn, you turn to this unit to save the day. Its retractable feature lets you adjust the length so you can get into tight narrow corners in your lawn.

Then the metal construction material makes this one durable lawn rake that should hold up over time. The high-quality stainless steel wire should handle other debris along with fallen leaves.

Then as you rake, the ergonomically designed handles make sure your hands remain comfortable throughout the task. Their easy to hold no-slip style keeps the rake in your hands until you are done.

The adjustment feature turns this approx. 12-inch rake into a 32-inch leaf gathering machine. Its solid construction should withstand any condition your yard happens to be in.

11. SPAI 24-Inch Heavy Duty Spring leaf Rake

11. SPAI 24-Inch Heavy Duty Spring leaf Rake with 2pcs Steel Handles

This traditional leaf rake brings it, buddy, with it to your home. When you purchase this rake you also get a handy leaf bag to put all your leaves in when you are done. This will make moving the leaves to the compost pile simple.

Made from spring steel the tines are painted to help with durability and protect against any rust. After you unpack this garden tool, you get 24 tines working hard to collect all your fallen leaves.

On top of all that, the handle comes apart into two sections. This allows for shorter people to use the rake with ease. Plus, it also helps when it comes time to put it away for the winter. Once you put the two parts back together the rake measures 54 inches long. Everyone can use this rake with ease.

10. Rovtop 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

10. Rovtop 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake, Steel Leaf Rake from 30-Inch to 63-Inch for Rocks and Heavy Materials

Storing your new leaf rake for the winter won’t be a problem. The telescoping handle shrinks to 30 inches in size. Then when you need it again, you can pull the handle out to 60 inches in length. This makes owning this leaf rake convenient.

Plus, if you have narrow or tight spots in your yard, you can adjust the rake width. The rake head can go from about 7 inches wide to 22 inches. 15 tines help you rake up all your unwanted leaves.

Made from top quality stainless steel, this rake should be able to handle all the lawn chores you have around your home. Also, its no-slip grip handles to keep the rake from slipping out of your hands. You can get a firm, comfortable grip anytime. The metal is protected from rust and corrosion by a nice coat of paint.

9. TABOR TOOLS Telescopic Metal Rake

9. TABOR TOOLS J16A Telescopic Metal Rake 63”, Adjustable Folding Leaves Rake for Quick Clean Up of Lawn and Yard, Garden Leaf Rake

Having a choice of handle sizes makes gardening tasks a lot more enjoyable to do. You have the capability to meet any yard challenge simply by making adjustments to the handle length. One pull and you can extend its length from 32 inches to 63 inches.

But that is not all. The width of the rake head is also adjustable. You can move it from 8 to 23 inches without any hassle. This makes yard work easier to do and helps you meet the non-conforming dimensions of your yard.

Locking the metal rake into position just takes a simple twist of your wrist. The rake is made of strong metal that is rust protected. The strength is in its construction materials which should keep this rake in the family for a long time. For easier storage, just shrink the rake down to its smallest size and hang it up for safekeeping.

8. Jardineer Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

8. Jardineer 63 inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake,Collect Leaf Among Delicate Plants

Adjustable rakes seem to be this year’s gardening fad. But that is okay as having the option to manipulate your new rake’s size is a plus. You can shorten the handle to let smaller users use it comfortably or lengthen it when you need a lot of reach.

You can adjust the handle up to 63 inches long while at the same time changing the width of the rake head to 23 inches wide. Or if you need a narrower width, you can reduce the size to 7 inches wide.

Once you have the rake where you want it, the durable and strong steel tines go to work collecting your yard’s leaves and debris. To keep the weight down, the shaft is made from aluminum and the handles from light plastic or rubber. Your hands can hang on with each stroke as the grips are made to fit in your hands comfortably.

7. GardenAll 2-Pieces Garden Rakes Tool Set

7. GardenAll 2-Pieces Garden Rakes Tool Set - 30 Teeth Poly Leaf Rake

2 people raking will make the leaf gathering chore go faster. That is what you get when you buy this 2 piece rake set. You get an extra hand helping you clear the leaves from your lawn.

Both of the rake handles are adjustable so family members tall or short can pitch in and help with the lawn chores. Plus, you get metal tines on one rake and plastic ones on the other. Both will work well for you. The metal rake head has 24 tines and the plastic comes with 30.

Comfortable grips help your hands avoid any gardening fatigue as you work. Also, there no-slip construction should keep the rake in your hands at all times. No matter your lawn chore, you have a rake to handle the task without complaint. When you do not need them, the rakes will hang up fast for easy storage.

6. Flexrake 1F Flex-Steel Lawn Rake

6. Flexrake 1F Flex-Steel Lawn Rake Head Only

This is a replacement rake head just in case you have broken your current lawn tool. It should fit on most standard size rake handles without any problems. This helps you save time and get the leaves raked up before it is too late.

On top of that, this rake head covers a lot of grassy territories. Its 25 curved tines spread out over 19 inches. This allows you to collect a lot of leaves and cut grass. Made from durable metal this rake head should be able to remove debris blocking your grass from receiving oxygen and water.

Its reinforcing bar makes sure that your tines do not get damaged and helps them keep their shape. The other good thing about this replacement lawn rake head is that if yours breaks you know you can fix it with ease. Replacements are better than buying new ones.

5. MLTOOLS Leaf Rake

5. MLTOOLS Leaf Rake, 64-inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

This metal rake comes with a lot of adjustment features. First, you can change the width of the rake from approx. 7 inches to 24 inches wide. Second, you can change the length of the handle from 31 to 64 inches long.

These adjustment features make sure your yard is not left with any leaves or debris on it. You can cover your yard and make sure you rake every spot. On top of that, the metal handle comes with strong yet comfortable plastic grips.

Your hands should not get tired as you rake throughout the day. Plus, the sure-grip makes it easy to hold onto this rake till it is time to go in for lunch. Also, a quick twist from your hand locks your adjustment into place and keeps it there until you need to make a change. It is easy to use a rake that works with you to beautify your lawn.

4. Toysmith Kid’s Metal Leaf Rake

4. Toysmith 27-Inch Kid's Metal Leaf Rake with Hardwood Handle

Your kids can get in on the leaf raking fun with this 27-inch toy rake. They can learn responsibility and then once they have piled the leaves up, they can learn to have fun jumping into their pile.

The hardwood handle should not be easy for your kids to break or damage. It is made to handle any normal rough treatment your kids send their way. Then 9 plastic tines help them rake up the leaves and be like their dad.

A strong at the end of the handle allows your kids to learn how to put their toys away. They can feel grown-up when the job is done and they hang up their rake. The rake will still be there when it comes time to rake the leaves again. This kid’s rake can help your child develop a little hand-eye coordination as they work.

3. Fiskars Leaf Rake Pack of 2

3. Fiskars Leaf Rake (Pack of 2)

Even if it costs a little more, two rakes are always better than one. Not only do you get a spare in case something happens to one of them. You also can get needed help when the leave raking task is large. Plus, you can use the extra rake to have some quality family time working together as a unit.

Measuring 67 inches long and 24 inches wide, you can move a lot of leaves in one go. The curved plastic tines are made to hold a lot of leaves when you need to carry them by hand.

While you cannot adjust this rake that does not take away from their raking ability. You still will be able to clean your yard easily and without hassles. A solid handle rake is still good for something in these changing times.

2. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake

2. Professional EZ Travel Collection Telescopic Rake Folding Rake Garden Rake Heavy Duty Foldable Rake

You can make your lawn care duties a lot easier by adjusting the width and length of the rake. Your yard may not be perfectly square so some adjustments will always be necessary.

To match your lawn’s design and dimensions you can lengthen the rake from about 37 inches to 68 inches in length. This also allows all leaf rakers no matter their size to use this rake model.

Then you can change the width of the rake head, going from about 7 inches to 22 inches wide. These adjustments will make leaf collection a lot more enjoyable because you can catch every spot.

Made from high quality aluminum these rakes are light weight, easy to maneuver and still durable. They should take normal use of punishment and come back for more the next time you need to rake leaves. Using the best tools available, your yard should look its best all year round.

1. gonicc Professional Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

1. gonicc 63 inch Professional Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake, Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch

Using a professional tool helps you get a professional look to your lawn. Your neighbors should be jealous of how well your yard looks after using this adjustable rake on it.

A quick twist of your wrist locks the rake head and handle in place. Then you can go out and remove all the leaves and debris keeping your yard from looking its best. The rake will adjust up to 63 inches long and goes from 7 to 22 inches wide.

That is more than enough adjustment to make sure you get the lawn the way you want it to look. The metal construction materials should last you a long time under normal use. No-slip hand grips are comfortable and help keep the rake in your hands throughout your raking chore.


Getting your lawn looking its best only takes using one of the top 12 best lawn rakes in 2022. You get flexibility, durability, and strength every time you use one of these rakes. Your lawn deserves to be tended by the best equipment available for great lawn care.

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