Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

DVD players are not like they once were, now they are compact, easy to use, have many new features and can go just about anywhere you go. When you select one of the top 15 best Portable DVD Players in 2022, you are getting a great player that meets your entertainment needs.

They also come with their own screens, so you do not have to waste time hooking them up to a tv or other viewing device. They are easy to use and can plug into your car for even more family fun.

List of Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

15. DR. J 12.5″ Portable DVD Player


Measuring in at roughly 12 ½ inches in size, you still get a good picture when you turn this DVD player on. Plus, its 10 ½ inch rotation allows you to cut the glare as you watch. Then with the handy remote control, you stay in control of the movie content.

An almost 6-foot power attaches this DVD player to your car’s cigarette lighter. Once attached you get up to 5 hours of viewing time on a single charge. An AC adapter allows you to take it out of your car and use it in other locations as well.

After you turn it on and get your movie-going, you see images in 1024 by 600 p quality Its wide range of compatibility provides you with a lot of entertainment choices

14. Spacekey Portable DVD Player -Best Portable DVD Players


This upgraded portable DVD player provides you with up to 4 hours of entertainment on a single charge. Plus, the 10-inch moveable screen gives you 1024 by 600 p picture quality. Its moveable feature allows you to keep the sun from blocking your view.

Also, with new stereo speakers, you can turn the volume up and still hear the movie up to 45 feet away. The controls are easy to use, and you can attach this device to your television set for a larger picture.

A remote is included with your purchase keeping you in control of what your children watch. It also works great in your car when your children get bored.

13. UEME Portable DVD CD Player


The convenient remote control gives you easy access to all the features built into this DVD player. Once on you control the volume, the content, and much more with just a push of a button.

To insert the DVD or CD all you have to do is open the top of the player and put the disk inside. Then the approx. A 10-inch screen displays the movie in 1024 by 600 p quality. Built-in 1 ½ watt speakers make sure everyone can hear the movie with ease.

Both a car and a wall charger keep the rechargeable battery up to full power with ease. Then with the USB and Sd support, you can play movies, music, and more from other sources.

12. ieGeek 11” Portable DVD Player


Dual earphone jacks allow two children to listen to the movie without interference. If you have more children, just add in a splitter to make sure all your kids can hear their favorite movie or television show.

Plus, the DVD layer will work on its own for 5 hours before needing another charge. A car and wall charger are included with your purchase making recharging simple. Its decoding feature may allow you to watch movies designed for other regions.

All the controls are easy to use, and you only need a push of a fingertip to make any changes that will keep the peace. The large monitor provides clear and clean images so no one will strain their eyes to see what is going on.

11. UEME Portable DVD CD Player -Best Portable DVD Players


A protective case is included when you decide to buy this DVD player. IT keeps the player clean and safe as your kids use it. Then the 9-inch screen brings out the images in 800 by 480 p quality.

In addition to those items, you get built-in speakers to provide you and your family with stereo sound. A handy remote lets you start, stop, or make other changes to the movie without getting up from your chair. Or you can use the easy to use buttons on the player.

With its high range of compatibility options, you are never at a loss for what to watch. Restart memory lets you pick up the movie where you left off.

10. Pyle 15-Inch Portable DVD Player


This compact DVD player is very portable and lets you take it anywhere you go. Once you found a place to use it then its large 15-inch screen gives you top quality images at 1366 by 768 p levels.

Also, its wide range of compatibility gives you lots of flexibility in what you watch. You can get movies, etc., from just about anywhere and enjoy them on this DVD player. Plus, you can use it on 110 power or 240.

The adjustable screen lets you keep the glare of the sun away. On top of this, you can use the remote control to handle all the play action. Headphones are included to make sure no one else is disturbed when you watch something they do not like.

9. DR. J 11.5″ Portable DVD Player


A 9-inch moveable screen, remote control, and 5 hours of viewing time, what more do you need when you need to entertain your kids in the car? Also, if you need to power the DVD player up again, you get a 6-foot car charging cable to do the deed.

In addition to those features, you also get image sin 800by 480 p quality. You shouldn’t miss any action with this portable DVD layer. Besides USB and Sd support you get a lot of other compatibility features that expand your entertainment options.

Also, if you need to take a break from the movie, this machine will pick up where you left off once you restart it.

8. DBPOWER 14″ Portable DVD Player


Having power options is important. You can play this adjustable DVD layer for 3 hours on its battery alone. Or you can hook it up to your car and save the battery while getting longer playing times. If you are not in your car a wall adapter makes using this DVD player easy.

Once you turn the DVD layer on the 14-inch screen provides you with great movie watching at 1366 by 768 p levels. When the sun is in the wrong position that is okay Just use the rotation feature to move the screen out of the way.

You can also hook this unit up to your television for larger imagery.

7. ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player


This region free DVD player provides you the ultimate in DVD watching. You can watch your favorite shows for up to 5 hours on battery power or switch to the car or wall adapter to continue the fun.

Plus, with its wide range of support features, you can do a lot of movie watching, DVD writing, and more with a touch of a button. The controls are easy to use and conveniently located.

Then with the earphone jack, you can keep what you are watching to yourself. With USB and SD among other support features, you can watch whatever you wherever you want. The choice is yours to make.

6. Ematic Portable DVD Player

6. Ematic Portable DVD Player - 7-Inch High Resolution LCD Display

It may not be large but that is to your advantage You can take this DVD player anywhere you go and watch what you want without a lot of people knowing you are doing it. With the included headphones, you can keep the sound down and not miss out on a word.

Then the tilt and swivel features allow you to change positions and still get a clear view of what you are watching. The screen may be only 7 inches in size but that is more than enough when you want a little privacy as you watch.

If you need a bigger screen to share your entertainment, you just need to attach an AV cable, not included.

5. DBPOWER 9″ Portable DVD Player


This all pink, princess DVD player is made for young girls. They can invite their friends over for a nice time watching movies or having fun. Your daughter can use the 4 hours of battery time or you can plug it into your car or wall outlet for her.

Also, the 9-inch screen brings you 800 by 480 p quality that is second to none. A restart memory allows your little girl and her friends to stop watching and then pick up where they left off with ease.

Plus, you can hook this up to a larger screen if you need to. Then the wide compatibility and flexibility range ensures your daughter and her friends see the shows they want.

4. COOAU 11.5″ Portable DVD Player


The nice purple color makes this DVD layer stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s easy to use controls to make sure you can access all the features you need to without delay. Then its 9 ½ inch screen is large enough to capture all the action in the movie, etc.

With 5 hours of battery life, you should be able to reach most destinations without needing a recharge. If not, then just plug it into the car and the car charger. You can also get a joystick and over 100 games emailed to you once you register your purchase.

The DVD layer is region free and very compatible except with blue-ray.

3. Sylvania 15.6-Inch Portable DVD Player


With such a large screen at your disposal, you can see all the action as you sit back and relax for a few hours. The DVD player will play for about 2 ½ hours on the battery alone before needing more power.

Then the stereo speakers provide you with high-quality sound so you can feel like you are in a movie theater and not your car. The easy to use controls are located at the bottom of the player and do not take much to master.

With USB and SD support your entertainment options just got better. Your purchase includes a remote control and car adapter.

2. Sylvania 9-Inch Portable DVD Player -Best Portable DVD Players


Play your favorite movies, concerts and televisions show your way. You can use the DD, CD, or MP3 formats to get your entertainment needs to be met. This DVD player with the adjustable 9-inch screenplays them all.

Plus, you get to make sure the sun doesn’t spoil your view with its glare. Just move the screen till the sun is out of the way. Then you can get 5 hours of viewing time if you are on battery only.

This highly compatible DVD player comes with earbuds, a car adapter, and remote control. This leaves you in charge of what will be watched and at what volume.

1. DBPOWER 9.5″ Portable DVD Player -Best Portable DVD Players


Spend a little quality time with your family. Find a good movie and watch it with them on this 9 ½ inch viewing screen You can enjoy the 800 by 480 p quality together for 5 hours before you need to recharge the battery.

While it does not support blue-ray disks you can still choose from a wide variety of movie sources. Your entertainment time with your family should not suffer. Then the restart memory function makes sure you do not miss a moment of the movie.

Plus, you can connect to a large television set if you need a larger viewing area.


When you leave home, you do not have to leave your entertainment options behind in the house. You can choose to use one of the top 14 best Portable DVD players in 2022. These DVD players make sure your kids do not get bored on long road tris. Then with all their features, you can use a variety of sources to make sure no one is tired of the same old thing.

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