Best Roof Rakes in 2022

Your roof protects you, it is made solid, sturdy, and able to withstand a lot of rough treatment just to keep you safe. It stands to reason that you take care of your roof with one of the top 11 best roof rake sin 2022. These rakes can help your roof last a lot longer.

All you need to do is use them to remove snow, debris, and other materials from the top of your house. This helps protect your roof as it protects you. Plus, these rakes are designed to not damage your roof as you help it out.

Getting one of the best roof rakes to handle a lot of your roof needs is the smart way to go. You always get top results when you use the best of the best.

List of Best Roof Rakes in 2022

11. SGLL Roof Snow Scraper


This roof rake is designed for those people who live in heavy snow areas. Its telescopic reach can extend to 20 feet. This gives you ample length to handle all the snow that has piled up on your roof through the winter season.

Plus, the aluminum construction material makes sure you can maneuver this 5 1/2 pound roof rake with ease. Your arms should not get worn out as you work. Then the tough aluminum makes sure that you have difficulty in bending the rake.

Also, 2 3” wheels let you move the rake up and down your roof with ease. With the head cutter, you can get that snow off without working too hard. The nylon snow slide then gets the snow to move off your roof without difficulty. After you bring this tool out, your roof clearing chore should be over before you know it.

10. Snow Roof Rake Scraper


This roof rake can provide you with a lot of reaches. No matter how tall you are, you can cover a large portion of your roof without using a ladder. Its telescoping handle extends up to 16 feet in length.

Once you get the length you need, then the 2-foot wide blade can go to work. You can clear a lot of debris or snow off your roof in one swipe. The blade also measures 4 1/2 inches thick. More than enough space to protect your roof from fallen snow and debris.

Made from aluminum this under 7-pound roof rake should not tire your hands out as you work. It is easy to move from position to position. Once you are finished you can shrink the handle and store the rake away to be used another day. The lightweight does not sacrifice strength, durability, or quality.

9. CWEI Roof Snow Rake


One thing that makes snow removal from your roof nice and easy is the snow slide. Made from top quality oxford materials, this slide helps get the snow off your roof quickly. It also helps you control where the snow falls

Then combine that with the 20 foot reach no snow on your roof will be safe. You should not need to climb a ladder when you choose to use this tool. In addition to this, the rake slides smoothly due to the tough wheels.

Once you get going the wheels keeps the process moving along at a good pace. Then it’s lightweight, about 6 pounds, shouldn’t wear your arms out. You should be able to do both sides of y9our roof without trouble. An anti-slip bar is included to keep you fully protected while you work. A rubber handle is comfortable to hold as well.

8. SSCJ Roof Rake


Having an adjustable handle makes snow removal from your roof simple and easy. No more climbing up on a ladder. You just extend the length of the handle and tackle more of your roof without leaving the ground.

With a possible 20 foot reach, no spot of your roof is safe for snow or other debris. Then the 2 foot by approx. 4-inch blade grabs the snow and brings it back to earth quickly. By getting a lot of territory in one pull, your roof cleaning task is fast and easy.

Plus, this roof rake will tackle pesky leaves and other debris that can damage your roofing materials. The heavy-duty aluminum construction is not heavy and it is strong enough to prevent bending etc. This roof rake should last you many years under normal use. When it is not needed, it is easy to store in your garage.

7. Goplus Snow Roof Rake


With a 21-foot snow rake helping you clear the roof, the only thing you have to worry about is where the snow lands. With each swing, you should be careful as there is no snow slide attached to this rake.

Then with the 6 by the 25-inch blade, you can cover a lot of ground on your roof and get the snow off in a matter of minutes. The easy to use twist and lock system makes sure the handle doesn’t shift positions as you work. You can concentrate on your job and not on the rake.

Also, the rake is designed to be non-slip and non-skid. You should be safe every time you send it up to the roof to get more snow. You do not have to wait till winter to use this handy tool. It will work in all seasons and rid your roof of all sorts of debris.

6. Snow Joe Twist-n-Lock Telescoping Snow Shovel


Simple to use tools make any job around the house much easier and more enjoyable to do. When you do not have hassles with your tools your work goes by fast and without hassles. This 21-foot snow roof rake is such a tool. Its twist and lock security system makes sure you are safe from accidents.

Plus, its 25 by 6-inch blade removes a ton of snow at one time. You can’t ask for a better or simpler tool to use to clear your roof. Then the aluminum and plastic construction materials keep the weight down.

This means your arms should not get tired while working on your roof. You also can maneuver this tool quickly and without hindrance. A rubber handle protects your hands and provides a safe comfortable grip while you work. You can always switch hands and let one rest as the other handles the tough job.

5. Garelick Roof Brush


While technology upgrades the roof rake and makes it better to use, there is nothing wrong with using a traditional bristle brush. You can still get the leaves and other debris off your roof in no time. Plus, the bristles do not stop you from using it on fallen snow.

The 18-inch wide bristle brush handles most tasks with ease. This is more of a replacement or substitute brush. If you can’t use your snow rake blade then you simply replace it with this model.

Your roof gets clean of all the leaves, twigs, and other debris that has gathered there and it remains protected till you need to use the rake again. The wood brush head doe not weighs a lot and won’t be hard to maneuver once you get started working. It is not hard to find a handle to fit this roof bristle brush.

4. Extreme Max Roof Snow Rake


What does 21 and 24 add up to? The answer is snow is removed from your roof very quickly. With this roof rake, you get 21 feet of length and 24 inches of blade width to remove the snow that has fallen on your roof.

On top of that, the snap button construction lets you customize how much length you need. You can add or subtract [pieces to make your snow removal easier. Then the 7-inch wide blade makes sure you get all the snow off without leaving much behind.

Small rollers on each side of the blade make sure you can move the blade without interruption. The blade rolls nice and easy as you pull back on the handle. Made from lightweight but strong aluminum, this rake resists corrosion and can last you for a long time. Make your snow removal task even easier by choosing to use this rake.

3. Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Roof Rake


The plastic rubberized handle at the back of the long arm keeps your hand nice and comfortable as you work. It is large enough to fit most sized hands with ease. Plus, it is designed to protect your hands and not cause them any harm.

Once you get this snow rake out of your garage, it can extend up to 21 feet in length. If you do not need that much room, you can shorten down to just over 6 feet. The choice is you in how long you make this snow rake.

After you get the right length, the 6 by 25-inch blade handles all the snow removal. You just position it and pull. Just be careful to not get the snow to fall on you. The under 6-pound rake is made from aluminum and is durable as it is strong. The rake should not rust or bend under normal use and if you take care of it.

2. Garant YukonPoly Blade Snow Roof Rake


The specially designed blade on this snow roof rake is made from Polyethylene. This material does not damage your roof as you use it to clear the debris or the snow. It will last you a long time and do its job well.

Then when you combine the blade with 1 or all three 5 foot handle sections, you get the snow off your roof in less time than ever before. Just a few tugs of the handle should remove large portions of the snow from your roof. Plus, the angled blade arms gives you plenty of placement options.

This makes sure you get more snow off with each tug. In addition to all of this, the handle is made with a no-slip grip. That helps your hands stay where you put them and reduces any injury factor. When you have completed your task, you just take the rake apart and store it in your garage or basement for safekeeping.

1. Garelick 89421 21-Foot Aluminum Snow Roof Rake


The angled style of rake head works with you to make snow removal from your roof a lot simpler and easier. It helps position the 24-inch blade in the right way to capture the most snow. Then with the rollers on each side of the blade, your roof is protected from any mishaps.

The blade never touches your roof and it continues to roll nice and easily. When you need more length, you just add extend the handle till it gets to its 21-foot capacity. No more crawling up and down a ladder to remove the snow from your roof. You are safer and better protected with this roof rake working for you.

Also, the rubberized handgrip protects your hands as you work. Your hands should still be in top condition when you finish the job. Removing the snow from your roof is not a boring dreary task anymore. Not when you go with the best tool for the job.


Snow can be a lot of fun. You can build a snowman with your kids, watch them have snowball fights from their snow forts, and more. But there is a non-fun side to snow. That is when it starts to collect on your roof.

When that starts to happen you need to turn to one of the top 11 best roof rakes in 2022. These rakes will help you make short work of this task and get you back to your family before they finish their fun. The best tool always works the best

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