Best Toilet Seats for Buying in 2022

When it comes to comfort, it may not be the most pleasant topic to discuss but it needs to be done. Nothing beats a good toilet seat to sit on when you are looking for ultimate comfort. One of the top 12 best toilet seats for buying in 2022 is the best way to keep you comfortable during those uncomfortable moments.

When you go with the best toilet seats, your bathroom experience is far more enjoyable and easier to live through. These seats are designed to bring you comfort at an affordable cost. Plus, they should last you a long time under normal wear and tear.

When you go with the best toilet seats around, you are saying that all aspects of your life demand comfort and good surroundings.

List of Best Toilet Seats in 2022

12. Bemis Plastic Round

12. Bemis 800EC 000 Plastic Round Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinge, White

Built with a twist hinge, this toilet seat is easy to remove and put back into place once you are finished cleaning it. The twist-action does not take away from its durability or ability to hold you comfortably as you relax.

Then its tough plastic exterior does not need a lot of cleaning attention. Just use a damp cloth to wipe it down with a mild non-abrasive soap. You also do not need to use a brush.

With its general fit, you should be able to place this comfortable toilet seat on almost all round toilet bowls. That makes it easier to attach and allows you to use a new and improved toilet seat.

Also, its fastening system turns a slow chore into a quick one. The fasteners go on fast and cut your installation time down. Then the seat should securely fit into place so that you do not have a loose seat when you decide to use it.

11. Kohler Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges

11. Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat in White

Quick-release hinges seem to be the go-to hinge style these days. But that is okay. That design does not affect their durability or their capability to do the job they were designed to do. But they do help your cleaning time immensely.

Plus, you get a sturdy yet comfortable toilet seat that is ready for action when you are. Just flip the lid up and you are good to go. The toilet seat is made from strong materials that should not chip, break, or stain.

Then the contour design provides you with as much comfort as you can expect from a top-quality toilet seat. Measuring roughly 16 by 14 inches in size, you should get close to a universal fit with this toilet seat. A quick-attach hardware system makes sure you don’t waste a lot of time trying to put this seat on your toilet.

10. Bath Royale Premium Elongated Family Toilet Seat

10. Bemis 800EC 000 Plastic Round Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinge, White

For those people who do not have a round toilet but an elongated shaped one. This seat should fit them all with ease. Just make sure to measure your toilet first before you purchase it. You do not need any surprises at the wrong time.

Also, this toilet seat should fit those toilets with special mounting holes. Although they do not work with bidets or risers. It is a standard toilet seat for a standard elongated toilet.

There is more good news. Once this seat is on your toilet, it will hold up to 400pounds of weight without complaining. Any more than that and you may need to replace it. A 2-year warranty protects your investment.

Made from sturdy plastic, this toilet seat also resists stains, does not absorb moisture or chemicals. Also, it should not crack or break as it feels cool to the touch.

9. Ginsey Standard Resin

9. Ginsey Standard Resin Toilet Seat Chrome Hinges Toilet Seat, Sea Isle

If the sea calms you and you like seashells, then this seashell designed toilet seat should bring a calming atmosphere to your bathroom. The look will have you wishing you were at the beach at that particular moment.

Measuring about 16 1/2 inches long, you should be able to fit this toilet seat on all standard sized toilets. That makes your purchase decision a lot easier to make. Plus, this seat is easy to clean. Don’t let the presence of the shells fool you.

Made from a tough plastic resin. You get durability, quality and good looks rolled into one. The chrome hinges ensure that you get a tight secure fit once you attach it to your toilet.

Just wipe the toilet seat clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. After you attach it, it is ready for use. Spice up your bathroom with a unique toilet seat.

8. BEMIS Toilet Seat

8. BEMIS 70 000 Toilet Seat, ROUND, Plastic, White

A simple white toilet seat for simple people who like simple things. There are no gadgets, weird designs, or off-color schemes. You get a simple toilet seat that does its job well.

Plus, you get to fasten it from the top. This design should allow you to install and secure it a lot quicker than normal. You won’t need a lot of tools to do the installation task nor should you have to get on your knees. Your joints are protected.

Then made from a tough plastic composition, you get a very durable seat even though it looks simple. The toughness cannot be measured even though it is a very lightweight seat. Be careful how much weight you place on it.

This toilet seat should fit all round toilets with ease. That makes your purchase decision a simple one. An easy to install seat for those who like easy.

7. Brondell LumaWarm Elongated

7. Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Let’s put a little light and heat on the subject. If you get up in the middle of the night, you won’t have to worry about tripping over things. This elongated toilet seat comes with its own night light.

Plus, it has a warming feature so on those cold winter nights your body can stay nice and warm as you get comfortable. All the controls are easy to locate and use. One press of your finger and you get warmth or a little light.

Then its 14 by 20-inch dimensions should fit most elongated toilets without a hassle. Brighten your bathroom light up with a toilet seat that has a little extra. The seat plugs into a standard GUF outlet and remains powered until you unplug it.

The lid also closes gently to prevent slamming and making a lot of noise and you get to choose between 3 temperature settings.

6. MAYFAIR Natural Oak Veneer

6. MAYFAIR Natural Oak Veneer Toilet Seat with Chrome Hinges, ELONGATED, 19601CP

Oak just has a way of sprucing up a bathroom what if you do not overdo it. This oak toilet seat is not overdoing it. Once you place this toilet seat on your toilet, you get a nice comfortable seat that may draw you back to the old west.

Then with its chrome finished hinges, the fit is secure and tight. There should be no loose ends or wiggling going on. The chrome also accents the oak so your bathroom looks great.

What is also great is that this toilet seat should fit all standard elongated toilets made today. Its solid construction makes sit very durable and the seat should not split or crack under normal everyday use. Oak should hold a lot of weight as well. Upgrade your bathroom with a standard toilet seat made to last you forever.

5. TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat

5. TOPSEAT TinyHiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat

The specially designed lid helps hide the toddler seat when it is not in use. Of course, men now have two seats to pick up when they need to use the toilet. When you have small children in the house, make their potty training and bathroom time a lot easier. The potty seat is convenient and easy for small children to use,

Also, this is not a set of plastic seats. The wood construction material is highly polished then covered in a thick coat of glossy paint. Then the toddler seat has a set of bumpers to protect their fingers when they put the seat down.

Chrome hinges help make this toilet seat look good in your bathroom. As a safety feature, the toddler seat is permanent and does not pull off. This seat is made to last you a lifetime and helps your toddler get toilet trained correctly.

4. Toto SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat

4. Toto SS114 01 SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat Cover, Cotton White

If you do not like noise or making noise, then this simple toilet seat is for you. It has a soft close feature that eliminates slamming the seat onto the toilet. You can close it without fear of creating more noise in the house.

Once you get easy to install toilet seat on your elongated toilet, you can enjoy the comforts of its ergonomically designed features. Comfort is very important at a time like this.

Measuring 18 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches in size, you should find a place for h=this in your home with little problem. Then made from high impact plastic, you get a tough toilet seat that should stand up to normal wear and tear every day. Molded bumpers protect yours or your children’s fingers when they try to set the lid down.

3. KOHLER Ridgewood Molded-Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

3. KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood with Color-Matched Plastic Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Wood is always a durable material, especially when it is combined with other materials to make it even stronger. Plus, the molded style provides that extra bit of comfort you are looking for when you need to spend a few quiet moments in the bathroom.

On top of this, the color matching hinges blend in with the seat to give your toilet that all in one look. This seat can be used with one or two-piece toilets and matches up with the standard elongated size.

Measuring approx. 18 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches in size, there should be a toilet in your home with this seat’s name on it. It is a simple toilet seat that does its job quietly and without fanfare.

2. MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat

2. MAYFAIR Soft Toilet Seat Easily Remove, ROUND, Padded with Wood Core, Black, 13EC 047

There is just something about a padded seat that can bring tears to the user’s eyes. Padded seats are extra comfortable and make one feel like they can sit there forever.

If you do not like the black color there are 5 other colors to choose from. Matching your bathroom’s decor should be simple with that color selection. Also, you get a very durable wood seat that is surrounded by a soft cushion.

The durability is second to none and installation is not far behind that reputation. It only takes a few moments to get this seat in its proper place. All-around can fit this round padded toilet seat without struggling to get it to work.

1. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

1. Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover, White, Soft-Close, Quick-Release for Easy Cleaning. Fits All Manufacturers’ Round Toilets

There is not a round toilet in the west that this toilet seat cannot attach to. Its universal fit makes it easy to replace your old seat with a premium model. In addition, the quiet close technology eliminates the noise that comes when someone inadvertently slams the lid down.

Even if your toilet seat has non-standard mounting holes, this toilet seat will install onto your toilet. Just don’t use it with spacers or bidets. A quick-release system is also installed on this seat. Press one button and you can clean it with ease. The seat comes off fast and goes back on just as quickly. Made from top quality plastic to last you a long time to come.


The bathroom needs to be as comfortable and inviting as the other rooms in your home. That is why one of the top 12 best toilet seats for buying in 2022 fits right in. They keep your bathroom user comfortable and a favored room in the house.

Also, they fit in with most bathroom decors and do not have a lot of bells and whistles to figure out.

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