Best LED Backlit Keyboards in 2022

A backlit keyboard is one of the top demanding accessories in this modern time for a modern user. That is why people start to chase LED Backlit Keyboards for many purposes such as designing, programming, and especially gaming.

Not only people attach keyboards to their desktops, but they also use it as an external device for laptops since using external keyboards is way more convenient than using laptops. That is the reason for the dilemmas on which keyboard they should choose to work in order to meet their expecting productivity.

Also, it is the reason why we are here; we are here to guide you to choose your ideal LED Backlit Keyboards. Below here is the list that we have prepared to assist you in making a decision.

This catalog consists of 15 highly recommended LED Backlit Keyboards that might catch your attention. The keyboards are very attractive in looks as well as their potentials.

Check Out Best LED Backlit Keyboards in 2022

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15. Rechargeable White Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Large Capacity Lithium Battery

15.Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse,Suspended Keycap Mechanical Feel Metal Panel Gaming Keyboard

This wireless rechargeable keyboard comes with a mouse, so the pursuers can just buy one and get two. Moreover, this keyboard has a 3000mAh built-in battery capacity with the interface type of USB (2.4GHz wireless connection).

This white keyboard has two light effects with three backlight state switches; the brightness can also be reduced or enhanced.

These products received good reviews on its quiet sound which will not bother anyone while you are doing your works or playing games. Its sturdiness is quite acceptable. Unfortunately, this keyboard is non-programmable and the keys are only visible when the backlight is on, so the buyers have to hit a key to light up the LED.

What We Like

  •  Quiet sounds
  •  Attractive-looking
  •  Good for those who do not like cords
  •  The mouse and keyboard use the same USB dongle, which minimizes port use
  •  The body is sturdy
  •  The charger works very quick

What We Don’t Like

  •  It is non-programmable
  •  The wireless latency is not quite good
  •  The instruction was badly translated
  •  No backlight control instruction on the keys

14. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Standard Keyboard Hot-Swap Switches

14.Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - TENKEYLESS

This gaming keyboard has a TENKEYLESS size layout with a removable braided USB cable. It was claimed 100% anti-ghosting which is ideal for gamers. The special element of this keyboard is its mechanical characteristic.

The keyboard has 16.8 colors RGB LED Backlit with the attachment of alternative keycap of red ‘Ascend’ and default black ‘ESC’ keycaps, keycap puller tool, and switch puller tool.

Moreover, this LED Backlit keyboard has a polling rate of 1000Hz with N-Key Rollover (NKRO) which allows the users to press many keys at the same time.

What We Like

  •  Customizable RGB LED features
  •  The switches can be alternated
  •  N-Key Rollover which allows the users to press many keys simultaneously
  •  Detachable cable

What We Don’t Like

  •  The stabilizer is a bit noisy, especially the spacebar
  •  Keycap font is too stylish, so it might be hard for some people
  •  The micro USB connection is a bit unstable

13. Wireless Gaming Keyboard Player, Mouse, and LED Mousepad Combo

13.Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo,3 in 1 Rainbow LED Rechargeable Keyboard Mouse

Here is another wireless keyboard and mouse recommendation, but it comes with 3 this time. This is a combination of an LED keyboard, mouse, and mousepad with RGB colors in order to serve the night workers or gamers. The mousepad was created with nano-textured materials which made the pad waterproof, and it fits both keyboard and mouse.

On the other hand, the mouse comes up with 4 customize DPI switches (800, 1200, 1600, 2400 DPI). For the keyboard, it has a USB interface type with a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, but for gaming, we recommend the plugged-in play.

The keyboard consists of a 3000mAh built-in battery, rainbow LED light. The keyboard can be a bit heavy since it was made from aluminum.

What We Like

  •  The click or press is not really loud
  •  Its colors and brightness are well-balanced and attractive
  •  Mechanical keys and aluminum body
  •  The light turns on when connected to the PC, so it saves battery

What We Don’t Like

  •  The pad needs a big space
  •  The keyboard wireless latency is somehow weak

12. Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Waterproof Programmable 61 Key Keyboard

12.GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 61 Keys Multi Color RGB Illuminated LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard

Here comes the fourth item that we are going to introduce for you. This GK61 mechanical keyboard featuring RBG backlighting, USB-C wired connection, which can transfer the data up to 10 Gbps and send or receive up to 20 to 100 watts of power, and optical switches.

The use of optical switches is much more durable than the use of mechanical switches which is highly recommended for gamers. Not only it is useful for gaming, but these Gateron optical switches can also be hot-swapped and replaced by other optical switches.

The optical mechanism is really well-reviewed by users; the RGB lighting is a bit off, but you do not really care about the light, this keyboard is a really good one. Moreover, the keyboard is programmable and waterproof.

What We Like

  •  Using optical switches
  •  Programmable
  •  Waterproof
  •  The optical switches can be hot-swapped
  •  The sound of the typing is almost mute
  •  Requires small space

What We Don’t Like

  •  The glossy keycaps
  •  The stabilizer somehow looks like it is glued to the board
  •  The RGB light is not recommended for the RGB lovers
  •  No media or volume control

11. LANGTU Membrane Rainbow LED Backlit Quiet Keyboard for Office

11.LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard, Rainbow LED Backlit Quiet Keyboard for Office

The fifth recommendation is the first membrane keyboard introduction in the list from LANGTU with 104 keys. The keyboard was tested and decided to adopt some sound but not noisy, so it won’t annoy other people and slow down typing speed, but still, there are some people who do not like the sound.

This LANGTU product was made with 25 gaming-used keys anti-ghosting with 12 combinations of multimedia keys. The backlit was also manufactured soft to prevent eye strain, and it is water-resistant.

The small size with the ultra-thin design of this keyboard makes it very convenient to take with and place in a small space.

What We Like

  •  Membrane keys for those who do not like mechanical ones
  •  12 combination of multimedia keys
  •  25 keys anti-ghosting
  •  Water-resistant
  •  Soft RGB lights

What We Don’t Like

  •  No secondary functions labeled on the keyboard
  •  The sound is quite louder than the expectation

10. Rii  White Mechanical Keyboard, USB Wired with Ultra-Slim Office Device Rainbow keyboard

10.Rii RK100+ White Gaming Keyboard,USB Wired Multiple Colors Rainbow LED Backlit Large

The sixth item on the list is the product from Rii which is a USB wired multiple colors rainbow LED Backlit keyboard. Although it was labeled as a working and office device, there are still some negative comments relating to the sound of the keyboard is a bit loud for office use.

The automatic sleeping mechanism of this keyboard is really useful for saving energy. This large size mechanical feeling keyboard is not really a mechanical keyboard used a USB wired to connect which recommended by many reviewers and users is the mechanical-feeling keys.

What We Like

  •  Automatic sleeping every 10minutes idling
  •  The labels on the keys visible clearly
  •  The mechanical-feeling keys were highly recommended
  •  The colors were also received many good comments

What We Don’t Like

  •  The lights keep blinking after using for a period of time
  •  The sound is a bit loud for those who love the quiet one
  •  LEDs are not customizable

9. CHONCHOW LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Mechanical Feeling Rainbow keyboard Backlight Emitting Character

9.CHONCHOW LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Mechanical Feeling Rainbow Backlight

Another recommendation is the CHONCHOW combination of LED mouse, mousepad, and keyboard. The product is really convenient for those who want to buy a set of gaming accessories; it is the first step of your gaming accessories collection.

Also, the mechanical feeling connects you to a better gaming experience, but the labels on the keys are not really good since it might come off after a period of use, and the keys are also thin.

But overall, the keyboard works fine with no complaint of its sound and LED light. With the adjustable light modes and 26 keys non-conflict support almost all games.

What We Like

  •  26 keys non-conflict support almost all games
  •  The RGB LED Backlit received many good comments
  •  Adjustable light modes (Constant, circular breathing rainbow mode and 4 levels of brightness choices)
  •  Able to customize your favorite application with shortcuts
  •  Clear multimedia keys instruction

What We Don’t Like

  •  The paint of the keys rubs off after using for a period of time
  •  It bounces up and down because of the slim and lightweight design

8. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard Water-Resistant Mechanical Keyboard Amazon

8.NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard

This NPET gaming keyboard is also a rainbow LED Backlit keyboard with quiet sound which is recommended for the working environment as well as gaming.

With 104 keys and 13 multimedia keys combinations, 26 anti-ghosting keys, and a strengthened space key, it facilitates your gaming experience and works operations.

The keyboard comes up with a high-quality floating keyboard that protects from spilled drinks or coffee. Moreover, the braid USB cables guarantee stable data transmitting and more durability. The lights automatically enter sleeping mode every 10 minutes idling and comes back when you pressed any key.

What We Like

  •  Automatically enter sleeping mode
  •  Ergonomic design with quiet sound
  •  Ultra-water resistant
  •  Strengthened space key
  •  The brightness of the color receives many good comments
  •  The floating keyboard can facilitate your typing speed

What We Don’t Like

  •  It is not an NKRO, so it is hard to press multiple keys at once

7. PICTEK RGB Crater Architecture Backlit Computer Keyboard with 8 Independent Multimedia Keys

7.PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Keyboard, Crater Architecture Backlit Computer Keyboard with 8 Independent

This is an introduction to another RGB gaming keyboard by PICTEK. The keyboard was designed as a wired membrane keyboard with splash resistant and adjustable backlight mode switches.

This product is different from other introduced products because of its 8 independent multimedia keys & 12 shortcut keys. Moreover, there is also a win lock function in order to avoid annoying distractions while playing games or working by accidentally click the windows key.

The backlight effects are very well-reviewed for its brightness and modes, and also the laser carved and detachable keys which allow the keys’ color to last for a very long time and easy to clean.

What We Like

  •  The RGB backlight is really good in term of brightness and style
  •  Independent multimedia keys
  •  Windows lock function
  •  Laser carved characters on keys
  •  Quiet sound

What We Don’t Like

  •  There were many negative comments about the ‘O’ key, which was not well-placed
  •  The backlight preferences aren’t saved and revert to the default every reboot

6. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming BacklitBluetooth Keyboard 60% True RGB

6.DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% True RGB Backlit Bluetooth 4.0 Wired

First in the list, the recommendation of a dual-mode connection mechanical keyboard; can be connected via wired or Bluetooth with the provided instruction.

With 8 light RGB effects, it is suitable for those who love modern gaming light. This DIERYA product is very convenient because you can use it anywhere, for its size is small enough to carry around and the Bluetooth function; it contains a 1900 mAh battery.

Although its 10 meters Bluetooth connectivity can integrate with computers and mobiles, it does not support PS4 and Xbox.

What We Like

  •  Dual-mode connection
  •  Easy to carry around
  •  Good lighting and sound
  •  The switches are also good

What We Don’t Like

  •  Keys-cap is a bit wobbly
  •  Have to press CTRL+ALT+FN+Delete for task manager

5. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard Hybrid Mechanical Key Switches

5.Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard Hybrid Mechanical Key Switches

The last fifth product in our list starts off with a product from Razer, the #1 best-selling gaming manufacturer in the US, is a keyboard with a detachable plush wrist rest.

The keyboard was highly rated for its RGB backlight. The light is flawless in terms of its brightness and colors. This membrane keyboard is well recommended for the heavy-handed typist.

The construction for this Ornata keyboard is solid, and the keys can be easily removed and cleaned; it makes an acceptable sound, but for those who like soundless keyboard, this might not be ideal for you.

What We Like

  •   Consists of magnetic wrist-rest
  •  The backlight is flawless
  •  The construction is solid
  •  Easy to use and clean
  •  Good for those who love membrane keyboard

What We Don’t Like

  •  The anti-ghosting is not flawless
  •  Requires big space

4. Corsair K55 RGB IP42 Dust and Water Resistance Programmable Macro Keys

4.Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – IP42 Dust and Water Resistance – 6 Programmable Macro Keys

Number 4 on the list is a product from Corsair. This RGB gaming keyboard was made with dust and water resistance. Moreover, it was manufactured with six programmable macro keys and independent multimedia keys that enhance your gaming experience.

The Windows lock function and the detachable palm rest give relaxation and comfort to the players without distractions from wrist pain and the Windows key.

The light was very well programmed, and the sound is also non-disturbing. Furthermore, it has an NKRO function which allows the users to press many keys simultaneously.

What We Like

  •  Contains the detachable palm rest
  •  Consists of 6 programmable macro keys
  •  Consists of independent media buttons
  •  Quiet high-profile keys
  •  No software needed for RGB backlight

What We Don’t Like

  •  Some reports of a drivers conflict
  •  Reverse characters on the keyboard. For example, the number ‘1’ is below ‘!’.

3. Redragon Wired Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB

3.Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Now we have come to the last three items. For number 3, this is a keyboard + mouse combo. This Red dragon keyboard combo comes with 4 level DPI adjustment mouse and a 4 backlight color effects keyboard with 5 levels of backlight breathing speed.

Moreover, the keyboard contains 12 multimedia keys with 8 independent control keys for quick management, and it also has a Windows key lock function.

The keyboard consists of wrist rest, but there were some negative comments on its uncomforted space. But its non-slip adjustable rear feet for users’ comfort. Last but not least, the keystroke, multimedia, or Windows functions can be easily assigned to the included software.

What We Like

  •  Consists of independent media buttons
  •  Comes with a 5 of 6 programmable buttons gaming mouse
  •  Has 25 conflict-free (NKRO)
  •  The variety of colors is really cool

What We Don’t Like

  •  Some reports of software missing
  •  The wrist rest is uncomfortable
  •  The first rows of the keyboard (Ctr, Fn, Win, Alt, Space,…) is a bit big, which is hard to press

2. Logitech Wireless Illuminated Fast Charging LED Backlit Keyboards

2.Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard — Backlit Keyboard

Logitech K800 is a wireless keyboard with hand proximity detection which allows the backlit to illuminates automatically.

The lighting can be adjusted according to your preference, and the light allows you to type in the dark without missing a beat. With the ergonomic design of quiet sound and the low profile keys, it is highly recommended for office uses.

The battery life is acceptable with a long length USB charger which allows you to use while charging, and the fast charging works very well. The construction of its feet is durable and assembly; the body is heavy which is good for working purposes.

What We Like

  •  Flawless light with adjustable brightness
  •  Quiet sound
  •  Battery life is acceptable with long length charger
  •  The construction is heavy and durable

What We Don’t Like

  •  Fragile to splash
  •  It is not ideal for big-handed users

1. Havit Keyboard Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo

1.Havit Keyboard Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo, LED 104 Keys USB

The last item on the list is a backlit wired keyboard and mouse combo by Havit. First of all, this mechanical keyboard is really good for gaming, and its LED is very eye-catching.

This keyboard also contains Windows key lock function with simultaneous operation up to 19 keys without conflict and interchangeable ‘W, A, S, D’ keys. Furthermore, the keys are quiet and sturdy.

The design of the LED Backlit Keyboards is really attractive and durable as it is recommended. Last but not least, the keyboard comes with a 4 changeable DPI mouse which allows getting 2 gaming accessories in 1 order.

What We Like

  •  Has windows key lock function
  •  It is durable
  •  The keys are quiet and sturdy
  •  Very attractive-looking, especially for gaming
  •  The LED-backlit is also beautiful
  •  Strong cable

What We Don’t Like

  •  The ‘\’ key is in a different place from other keyboards
  •  The mouse does not perform well

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best LED Backlit Keyboards

In order to improve your gaming and working experience with computer, you need a modern-looking and effective accessories, especially the keyboard. Since it is an important element for your computer, you need to consider a few things before buying the product. Here are the tips for you to take into consideration before buying any keyboard:

Consider the Sound

Sound can be an important element for computer users, so the quiet sound of the keyboard can give focus to the users, which is good for the working environment.

On the other hand, a loud sound can give players an epic feeling when you are gaming. Furthermore, consider your surroundings before buying any sound-making keyboard because it can annoy them if the sound is too loud.

Consider the Color and Backlit

Color is a very crucial element in choosing a keyboard. Before buying any keyboard, you should consider your favorite color because we believe that you will like to see your favorite color on the keyboard and the light.

Besides choosing your favorite-colored light and keyboard, you should consider the brightness. Adjustable brightness and light modes would be perfect because you can enhance or reduce the light that might make your eyes strain. Furthermore, the possibilities to choose your favorite colors and modes can lighten up your mood.

Consider Construction and Design

Construction and design are really essential. A good construction keyboard can provide durability. Keyboard buyers always expect their keyboards or components to last for a long time and meet their expectations.

Aluminum is one of the best materials to manufacture the keyboard. Furthermore, the design gives comfort and satisfaction to the users. Who does not want an attractive-looking and comfortable hands-placer keyboards?

To sum up, choosing a keyboard is not an easy task. You cannot just buy any keyboard without consoling experts or previous consumers to get some ideas because it is time and money-wasting if you buy the wrong one. Additionally, our keyboard above is wide use than a mini keyboard.


That is why we prepared this list that demonstrates the best LED Backlit Keyboards in 2022 reviews. After looking at this, you might get some ideas on which light up the keyboard you should or should not buy, so why not grab one now. I wish this list will help you with your decision.

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